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The Green Smoothies Diet is a book written by Robyn Openshaw. The author explains how natural, green smoothies can revitalize health, detox the body and increase weight loss. The Green Smoothies Diet offers more than simple, green smoothie recipes. It suggests ingredient recipes to optimize vitamin and nutrient intake like Rad Raspberry Radicchio and Black Kale Blackberry Brew. Robyn is a freelance writer and lifelong vegetarian. She has no formal training in nutrition or eating for health. The book sells for $9 on We could not find an official website for the Green Smoothies Diet.

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Information on green smoothies and their impact on health.

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Robyn Openshaw is a freelance writer and by no means a professional nutritionist and that comes across in the Green Smoothies Diet book. The author makes valid claims about improved health and benefits associated with eating a raw food diet, but clinical research is not part of the book. She basis much of the information she passes on to the reader on personal experience. This is fine for a personal blog, but when an author writes a book, they need to give the reader some scientific proof of facts. Other green smoothie experts have similar books on the market with dedicated sections for research studies and supportive literature. The Green Smoothies Diet lacks this type of reference section.

The Green Smoothies Diet reads like a sale pitch, according to some dieters. The author sells blenders on her official website, which means she is trying to make a sale from the sale of the book. She references her website and the Blendtec blender several times. When we visited her official website, we did not find the Blendtec blender on the front page. We did find the Blendtec and a Vitamax on her “Robyn Recommends” section.

Green smoothies are rich in antioxidants and healthy vitamins and minerals. Some green smoothie diets support changing the entire eating menu to raw food, but first the dieter must drink green smoothies for several days, a week or more. While we have no idea of the details of the weight loss program, we know the dieter is given 10 reasons why green smoothies are better for health and 10 tips for getting kids to love green smoothies.

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Green smoothies are healthy and nutritious.


  • Following a raw food diet is not the only avenue to weight loss.
  • Green smoothies do not taste the best.
  • Drinking too many green smoothies in one day can cause stomach discomfort.


The Green Smoothies Diet is a raw food weight loss plan with blended ingredients. The dieter will likely be able to consume some fresh, raw foods in whole form, but green smoothies, including the 50 recipes in the book, will be a huge part of weight loss.

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