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The Hacker Diet is a mixture between comedy and nutrition. John Walker, the author of the diet plan, subtitled the book, “How to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition.”The book is published in its entirety online. There is no need to purchase the book as all the information is available free. There are strong references to hacking, computer programming, problem solving and general computer talk throughout the book. The Hacker Diet is not an eBook. It is literally published with each chapter represented with a different webpage. It can take hours to click through the book and recognize what the author is talking about.

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Online diet book written in computer speak.

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With terms like Eat Watch, Rubber Bag, Wired Science and Meet Movin’ Marvin, dieters may be a bit confused by the idea behind the Hacker Diet. The Eat Watch is a fictional piece of equipment that tells the dieter when to eat and when to stop. It knows how much the dieter weighs, how much the dieter wants to weigh and what foods the dieter is consuming. When the watch says EAT, the dieter eats. When the watch says STOP, the dieter stops eating. This watch does not exist, but the author claims the dieter can create a tool with this power and the Hacker Diet will explain how.

After explaining the Eat Watch, the author moves on to the Rubber Bag. The human body is a rubber bag that stretches. Food goes into the rubber bag and comes out again. The Rubber Bag Section of the book talks about food intake and output and how to balance diet for weight loss. The information is very difficult to read and each chapter is only a brief paragraph or two.

There are many more interesting sections to the Hacker Diet. The author is the creator of AutoDesk and a multimillionaire who could not manage to lose weight. He created a plan he could live with and wrote the book to share that plan with others.

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  • The book is free online.
  • There is a paperback option available for purchase.


  • The chapters are short and hard to follow.
  • Computer lingo from the 1990s is used throughout the book.
  • Not written by a professional nutritionist or diet specialist.


If you want to spend a few hours reading a book online written in HTML, the Hacker Diet is the perfect book. The chapters are hyperlinked and the text is written in brief paragraphs. If the dieter can decipher the book, there may be a few good dieting and exercise tips delivered in a quirky way.

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