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Dr. Fred Pescatore is the creator of the Hamptons Diet. There is a book and cookbook associated with the diet to help dieters understand how to lose weight. Even though there is an official website for the Hamptons Diet, the front page offers very little information on weight loss or the named dieting plan. There is a link to the book and cookbook, but that is the limit of any dieting information.

List of Ingredients

Healthy menu plans for weight loss from Dr. Fred Pescatore.

Product Features

Dr. Fred Pescatore incorporates weight loss methods from the Atkins Diet and Mediterranean Diet to create the Hamptons Diet. According to reviews of the Hamptons Diet book, about half the 256 pages are dedicated to recipes to be utilized while following the Hamptons Diet. The immediate question we have is, what is the difference between the Hamptons Diet and the Atkins diet if they are both low carbohydrate?

From consumer and dieter reviews, the Hamptons Diet book is not really a lesson in weight loss. Rather, the book is an advertisement for Macadamia Nut Oil. Reviewers claim recipes and literature all push a specific brand of Macadamia Nut Oil, supposedly linked to Dr. Fred Pescatore. So, we jumped back to the official website and looked for a link to Macadamia Nut Oil. We found MacNut Oil in the Hamptons Diet store. The official website for MacNut Oil features Dr. Pescatore and claims MacNut Oil is Hamptons Diet approved. Aside from one other line of supplements from Dr. Ohhira, we could find only Dr. Pescatore products.

Taking a look inside the Hamptons Diet book, we find that the dieting reviews are on point. The first 60 pages of the book explain the diet and the remaining pages are dedicated to diet menu plans, diet supplement plans and diet recipes. Each recipe is a low or no sugar and devoid of processed ingredients and white foods, typical of any low carbohydrate menu.

The Hamptons Diet book can be purchased online for pennies, plus shipping and handling. There are used versions on websites like and

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  • Low carbohydrate dieting does induce weight loss.
  • The price is lower than comparable diet books.


  • Dieters complain the plan is nothing new.
  • Most of the Hamptons Diet book is devoted to recipes and menu plans.
  • There is a push to buy branded MacNut Oil in the book.
  • MacNut Oil may be a company run by or owned by Dr. Fred Pescatore – the creator of the Hamptons Diet.


We like weight loss plans that are dedication to helping a dieter lose weight by making life changes they can stick with forever. The Hamptons Diet is just another low carbohydrate plan from a former executive with the Atkins company.

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