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The Happiness Diet is about more than just being happy with your weight. The diet claims that you choose the foods you eat based upon the mood you are in at the time. If you can learn to alter your mood, you can learn how to alter the foods you eat.

There is an official website for the Happiness Diet. The website sells the Happiness Diet program for $99 every six months. If the dieter wants to increase the chance of success, they can sign up a friend and that friend can follow the program free of charge. If three or more people sign up as a group, the price is reduced to $49.50 per month per person.

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  • Diet program based on the theory that happiness leads to better dieting success.

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If you ever thought that the world would look funny upside down you must have been thinking the same thing the creator of the Happiness Diet was thinking. The diet plan is based on the idea that a dieter who is happy is more apt to stick with a diet. If we could all just turn on the happy gene, we’re sure that would make everything in life a lot easier, but that is not going to happen.

There is some psychology behind the book’s theory. According to the book description, positive psychology is at the heart of the diet plan. Dr. Tim Sharp, the plan creator, is a positive psychologist with three degrees.

Despite the fact that we want to believe all it takes to lose weight is to want to eat less, the testimonials listed on the website are less than spectacular. The most weight anyone has lost on the plan is 11 kg or about 25 pounds.

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  • May help the reader feel better about whom they are and the diet they’ve chosen.
  • Available online.
  • Buy one get one free.


  • Costs $200 a year.
  • The testimonials are not that good.
  • There are no before and after photos.


The Happiness Diet is nothing more than a load of bull and a money trap. The diet is based on positive psychology and though we understand the idea we are not sold on the outcomes based on then testimonials. If there were pages of before and after photos showing people who really lost weight that would be another story, but then best weight loss was about 25 pounds in three months and the dieter was morbidly obese and considering weight loss surgery.

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