The Healthy Brides Boot Camp Workout DVD Review

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He popped the question and now you need to get that body in tip top shape for the most beautiful wedding dress on earth. Wedding day only comes once a lifetime, so this is the time to get up, move more and eat less. The Healthy Bride’s Boot Camp Workout DVD helps the dieter work upper body, lower body, abdominals and core muscles. Total body stretching and weight training help the bride slim down to feel perfect on her fateful day. The workout lasts 45 minutes. This could be a bit longer than the beginner can follow, but the bride-to-be can start out slowly and work up to the full 45 minutes.

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Workout DVD for brides-to-be.

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There are hundreds of workout DVDs dedicated to getting the bride in shape for wedding day. Some focus on the upper body, likely the portion of the body that she will show off in her wedding dress. Others take the total body approach. The Healthy Bride’s Boot Camp Workout DVD is a full body solution to weight loss and toning. We did not see a diet mentioned in the DVD description. The workout may help tone muscles and increase flexibility, but without a healthy diet, the bride will not lose the weight she is looking for to fit into that perfect dress.

Wedding dresses can take months to selection and weeks to alter. If the bride is going to get fit for wedding day, she must start her diet and the Healthy Bride’s Boot Camp Workout DVD at least 6 months before wedding day. This gives her enough time to slim her body and tone muscles before finding the dress.

The workout DVD is produced on-demand. It is burned on a DVD-R, so the DVD player will need to be compatible with a DVD-R to play the workout. Many buyers complain about sound quality, picture quality and sync. The instructor is not in sync with the music, but this does not deter from the workout. The workout is hard, but it does tone muscles, according to bride reviews.

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  • The DVD allows the bride to choose a workout based on her dress.
  • May help the dieter tone up for the wedding day.


  • No mention of diet plan associated with the workout.
  • Dieters will need to slim down, in some cases, not just workout.
  • The DVD may be too difficult for fitness beginners.
  • Requires planning well in advance and starting the DVD months before the wedding.


The Healthy Bride’s Boot Camp Workout DVD supports a tone body on wedding day. The bride can choose dress specific workouts. There is no diet plan, so the bride will need to eat healthy and slim down if she wants to reduce dress size by the big day.

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