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The Healthy College Cookbook is a collection of recipes for the college student. Most college students don’t want to worry about cooking intricate meals with hours of preparation time, so they resort to eating unhealthy choices every night like frozen pizza and microwave meals. There are healthy recipes that are easy to prepare included in the Healthy College Cookbook, but the recipes are not created for weight loss. If the college student has been spending a few semesters eating fast food and snacks instead of healthy meals, weight loss could be a byproduct of cooking the healthy recipes, however.

List of Ingredients

Collection of healthy recipes designed for the college student.

Product Features

For less than $10, the college student can secure a collection of recipes created with healthy ingredients and college-friendly preparation techniques. The book is written for beginners who have no idea how to cook. This is a drawback for some students who have experience cooking. The majority of college students claim they love the recipes and continue cooking them for years after college is over. Some popular recipes include vegetarian lasagna and mushroom parmesan. The ingredient list for the book is a little different than most college students are used to, but with a little practice and stocking up on non-perishable items, the student can pick through recipes and cook whatever they like with only a small trip to the grocery store.

There is no mention of nutritional information or diet dishes. The Healthy College Cookbook gives the college student recipes with whole food ingredients. Anything is healthier than fast foods and pizza, so the title does not mean the college student will be choosing ingredients based on weight loss.

There are no pictures in the cookbook, which leaves some followers happy and others upset. If the college student would feel let down if their dish did not look just like the picture, the lack of pictures is a gift. If pictures help guide the student through the cooking process, this cookbook may not be the ideal choice.

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  • Simple recipes with healthy ingredients.
  • Covers many home favorites like lasagna and Carrot Cake.
  • Costs less than most cookbooks.


  • No pictures are included with the recipes.
  • Recipes are not created for weight loss.
  • Could cost more to cook than order out.
  • Not viable for the student with a cafeteria pass.


The Healthy College Cookbook attempts to give college students a means of cooking home style food so they are not eating out all the time. The recipes are simple and require very little preparation and cooking time. The average student, however, may need to purchase a refrigerator to store perishable ingredients.

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