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Have you ever wanted to look in the pantry and find healthy, complete meals ready to go for lunch or dinner? We are not talking about Hamburger Helper or instant rice. We are talking about complete meals in a box like New Orleans Jambalaya, Cowboy Chili and Punjabi Curry. There are no limits to the next meal with The Healthy Pantry.

The official website for the Healthy Pantry offers dieters a long list of complete meals in a box. Each meal description shows complete list of ingredients and a picture of the product label, complete with nutritional information.

List of Ingredients

Complete meals in a box that may be used for weight loss.

Product Features

The Healthy Pantry does not intend for the dieter to eat meals straight from the box. There is serving information and a grocery list included with each meal. The Asian Burgers, for instance, require the dieter to purchase meat. The Healthy Pantry box includes a spice mix for the burgers and brown rice to complete the meal. Nutritional information is given for the box portion of the meal and the final version if cooked as stated in the instructions.

Not every complete meal by the Healthy Pantry is low calorie, but all can be adjusted for a lower calorie meal than stated on the website. If the meal recipe calls for ground beef, the dieter can replace beef with lean turkey. This significantly reduces total calories per serving.

The Healthy Pantry meals have lower sodium content than most boxed meals. This is a huge positive for the company. If the dieter does not add more salt during preparation, the sodium level may even be appropriate for people with higher blood pressure.

The Healthy Pantry is all about making life easier, not weight loss. There are no references to diet meals, weight loss trackers or exercise. The dieter will still need to track calories and exercise daily to lose weight, but the meals are a healthy alternative to eating out, which could help promote weight loss.

The Healthy Pantry meals sell for $6.99 each. The more boxes ordered, the less the dieter pays per box. The lowest price is available when six or more boxes are ordered. The dieter then receives a 15% discount.

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  • The Healthy Pantry complete meals are relatively low sodium.
  • Reduces cooking time for a meal.


  • Costs more than the average boxed meal.
  • May not be appropriate for some types of diet.


The Healthy Pantry gives the cook a day off, with simple instructions for lunch or dinner. All the dieter needs to do is alter the website recipes just a bit and these meals will fit perfectly into most diets. Exercise is still required for weight loss.

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