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What You Should Know

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The Herbal Group website claims to be a company that evaluates various herbal supplements on the market and then recommends and sells the best products they find. The website suggests different supplements in various categories.

Reviews of this website say that it is a scam. The company does not actually produce any supplements, often does not fill orders, and makes unauthorized charges to credit cards used for payments.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable; this company supposedly sells herbal supplements from various manufacturers. Check out individual manufacturers for specific product’s ingredients.

Product Features

The website gives very little detail on products or company information. It divides recommended herbal supplements into several categories: human growth hormone supplement, weight loss or herbal diet pills, herbal anti depressants, herbal joint pain or arthritis remedies, immunity boosters, herbal libido enhancers, products for men, and products for women. Several of these sections are actually empty, suggesting they are coming soon. The other sections have just one product suggested, containing a link to that product’s website. There is not enough information from The Herbal Group itself to determine if products are good or not.

The website directs the user to other sites for more information on specific supplements. With so many empty sections, there are actually only three products listed on the site, and one of the links does not work. At least one of the other websites looks very suspicious. The three products you can supposedly be directed to are zerpic, a human growth hormone; centirium, an herbal weight loss supplement (this is the website link that does not work); and Nuperk, a product for women.

The Herbal Group website currently shows only an email address for contact information. User reviews strongly condemn the company as a scam, do not recommend that you contact them in any way, and especially warn people to not give them any credit card information.

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  • No advantages; this website according to all reviews is a scam.


  • Falsely advertises free samples.
  • Will make unauthorized charges to your credit card account.
  • May not ship products that you order.
  • May send empty packages.
  • Markets products as dietary supplements that are really drugs.
  • It is nearly impossible to contact them via phone, email, fax, or mail. They rarely answer or reply.
  • According to all reviewers, this website is a scam company.


According to all user reviews, The Herbal Group website is a scam. Do not order products through them or from companies that supposedly send products through them. Do not give them your credit card information. If you are interested in one of their products, find a similar product from a reputable company. Do not order products from The Herbal Group.

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  • 1

    Thank you so much for your review. What happens if you did and you want to cancel? Do they still take money from your account?


  • 2
    william l pitts

    i just placed my order today



    And what happen? Did you get it? Was it a scam?


  • 3

    I am looking for the patches that one wears for 3 days and then puts on a new one for weight lose