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The Hospital Diet is a fad diet offered through a website download. The official website for the diet is no longer available, nor is the diet detail. The plan claimed to help a dieter lose 10 pounds in the first 13 days or the dieter could request a refund of the purchase price. Without an official website, there is no place to download the Hospital Diet. There is no known author or company associated with the Hospital Diet, which could mean the program is untrustworthy.

List of Ingredients

Diet plan download promising 10 pounds of weight loss in 13 days.

Product Features

What can a dieter eat to lose 10 pounds in 13 days? We have no idea as the Hospital Diet seems to have disappeared from the Internet. We do know the plan was available as a download and that the company selling the diet promised a full refund if the dieter did not lose the guaranteed amount. This is probably what led to the downfall of the diet plan, as not all dieters and metabolisms are the same and weight loss varies based on genetic predisposition, activity level and gender.

Without a list of approved foods, recipes, exercise requirements or diet details, the dieter has no idea what they are supposed to do to follow the Hospital Diet. It is likely that the weight lost during this time is water weight. As soon as the dieter chooses to start eating a normal, healthy diet, they will likely regain any weight lost.

There are no testimonials or before and after photos of the Hospital Diet. There is a chance the program is closely related to the Mayo Clinic Diet or other very low calorie eating plan typically reserved for overweight and obese patients hospitalized for weight related complications or illness. If this is the case, the dieter should only follow the Hospital Diet with the careful watch of a licensed physician.

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  • Guaranteed to cause weight loss or the dieter gets a full refund.


  • The official website for the diet is no longer available.
  • The download is no longer listed on
  • Could be a very low calorie diet plan similar to the Mayo Clinic diet.
  • May cause water loss and not fat loss.


Without any information or an official website, the dieter cannot follow the Hospital Diet. If the diet is associated with the May Clinic Diet, there is a chance the very low calorie intake could lead to binging and weight gain. The dieter should find a diet proven to cause weight loss while promoting healthy food choices, exercise and supplementation. Any other diet plan is just going to cause water loss.

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