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The Hot Dog Diet is not your average weight loss plan. Dieters enjoy the taste and texture of the classic American hot dog while attempting to lose weight. A portion of the plan looks like a low carbohydrate eating regime, as most hot dogs are low carbohydrate, but other portions of the plan allow ice cream which increases carbohydrate intake. Hot dogs are not the healthiest food on the planet. They tend to be laced with chemicals and preservatives, some thought to be associated with cancer.

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Diet plan based on eating hot dogs for three days.

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Many reviews of the hot dog diet state the diet causes water loss and not fat loss. These reviews could be wrong. If the dieter chooses hot dogs that are low in sugar and carbohydrates, it would take only three days for the body to deplete carbohydrate stores and turn to fat for energy. This is the basis of most carbohydrate restricted diets. It would take a bit of shopping around as hot dogs tend to be laden with fillers, including sugar, but it is not an impossible task.

There are other allowed foods on the hot dog diet, like peanut butter. Again, some versions of peanut butter are low carbohydrate, so they can be included on a reduced carbohydrate diet for weight loss. The kicker is the ice cream. According to information on the hot dog diet, ice cream increases metabolism. This is not the case. Ice cream is a source of calcium, but beyond that, it is packed with fat and sugar so the dieter will nix any low carbohydrate benefits associated with leaving behind carbohydrates for protein and fat.

There is no official website or book associated with the hot dog diet. It reads more like a plan that someone created for fun than one based on clinical research and healthy eating habits. Will weight loss occur on the hot dog diet? The answer is yes if the dieter sticks to eating protein and fat and leaves the ice cream out of the diet. Returning to a high carbohydrate diet after three days will cause weight gain, however.

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  • The hot dog diet is not based on clinical evidence.
  • Hot dogs are laced with chemicals, preservatives and fillers.


No one can eat just hot dogs and expect to lose weight permanently. While there are healthy hot dogs on the market, this diet promotes eating ice cream to increase metabolism. Ice cream is not a diet friendly food, especially in full-fat and full-sugar varieties. The dieter may want to look for a diet based on clinical research and fact rather than hot dogs.

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