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Dr. Manny Alverez developed the Hot Latin Diet after observing that Latin immigrants came to the United States healthy and thin, but within few years of living in America, they were overweight and unhealthy. His diet is based on seven different power foods that will help Latin people keep their regain their physique. He says the diet will decrease hunger by up to 11% while increasing fat burning up to 25% allowing dieters to lose up to 20 pounds in just six weeks.

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By following the Latin approach, life is one of variety and is meant to be enjoyed. Having said this, there is great emphasis on the same spice of life and variety in their diets and cooking. This is achieved mostly through adding high amounts of spice to the food they eat. The program itself is a low carb approach, using low glycemic index carbs rather than simple and refined options. The carbs you do eat will come from fresh produce and whole grains. Dr. Alverez says that if you eat seafood for lunch, then you generally decrease the amount of dinner you eat by 11%. Though this diet is not low fat, there is emphasis on making the fat you eat as healthy as possible from olive oil, avocados, and the like. The seven latin power foods are: avocado, tomatillos, cilantro, garbanzo beans, chile, garlic and cinnamon. There are exercise recommendations but they are very general as the focus of the book is on the diet.

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  • This program is high in essential fatty acids and lean protiens.
  • The meals are developed by a nutritionist.
  • This program focuses on the low glycemic index.


  • This program may call for you to make drastic dietary changes.
  • Many of the recipes featured in this book are time consuming and require a lot of effort to prepare.
  • This book promotes that fat loss will be fast, rather than at a healthy pace.


The overall approach presented int eh Hot Latin Diet is a healthy one, but the idea of building a diet around these seven power foods is somewhat unnecessary. Dieters who do not enjoy these foods will have a hard time adding them, so moving gradually toward them is a more logical approach. No matter what diet you decide to use, you should be exercising on a regular basis, eating a nutritionally balanced diet that consumes fewer calories than you burn, and you should be drinking more water. If you want to ramp up your effort, take a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant.

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