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The Idiot Proof Diet is a plan delineated in a book written by Neris Thomas and India Knight. The Idiot Proof Diet describes the journey of two friends who wanted to lose weight and continue their busy lifestyle. The pair reached their weight loss goals in less than a year and wrote a book about the experience to help others do the same. The diet is promoted as being written by real women who know the struggles of the everyday woman trying to lose weight. The book includes helpful hints, jokes and advice that is easy to follow. Additional topics include choosing clothing, makeup and hair styles at any size. Sample meals are inlcuded.

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The Idiot Proof Diet promotes the use of a low-carb diet and more protein. Vegetables are introduced after two weeks of the diet. No alcohol consumption is allowed in the first two weeks and the main program is 11 weeks long. Many people say they have seen results with this diet plan. The authors lost a combined 140 pounds using the same program. The Idiot Proof Diet book is broken down into stages and there is a stage for maintaining the lost weight so you are not left to revert back to your original weight.

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  • The book is casual and nonjudgmental for weight loss.
  • Women who live busy lives wrote the book and have lost weight using the same method.
  • A maintenance plan is included.
  • Is practical for those who want to lose a significant amount of weight.
  • Little exercise is recommended in the book.


  • The low carb aspect of the plan may be difficult to follow.
  • The maintenance plan is hard to follow because it is a permanent reduction of carbs.
  • The book suggests costly supplements.
  • Some recommended foods is high is cholesterol.


Women seeking a casual diet program that many have found results in may like the Idiot Proof Diet program. The book includes tips and tricks for looking good at any size. The conversational approach makes it nonjudgmental and easy to follow. The authors wanted the reader to feel as if you have your girlfriend holding your hand as you walk through the process of weight loss. The diet itself is a low carb diet, so it may not be for people who do not care for those diets. The plan helps the dieter emotionally as they overcome their weight problem. The diet is controversial because of the amount of meat that is allowed and some healthy food that is excluded.

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    B Curd

    I have the same question as Lara.

    How do you log into the diet, I have my old pass word and user name also. Would like to know how to get back on.

    Thanks B


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    Lara Marafioti

    I purchased this diet many yrs ago havent been able to log in. I understood that once you purchased this diet you had access for life. I still have my old user name & password so how do i login? I would appreciate some help in this matter. Thankyou regards Lara Marafioti