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The IF Diet is a diet that supports intermittent fasting – thus the word IF. It appears the diet was made popular by the creator of the IF Life, Mike O’Donnell. Mike claims you can skip breakfast and eat just two meals a day for optimal nutrition. There are many nutrition experts and fitness professionals who would disagree with this claim. While skipping breakfast has recently been found to have no negative impact on metabolism, dieters would be more successful if they skipped the latter meal of the day rather than the first meal of the day. By dinner time, the body’s metabolism is slower than it was in mid-day, so dinner is harder to utilize for energy than breakfast.

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  • Diet based on intermittent fasting.

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According to The IF Diet, after eight hours of sleep the body is at the lowest insulin levels of the day. The body has used up all the carbohydrates you ate the previous night and you are now in fat burning mode. When you get up in the morning, according to Mc O’Donnell, you want to stay in that fat burning mode, so go on and get your day rolling, but skip the breakfast meal. This short period of fasting extends the fat burning mode and allows you to burn more calories or fat by simply skipping the meal. Intermittent fasting, in terms of The IF Diet, does not mean going days without eating.

O’Donnell also claims there are specific exercises or means of exercising that hinder your weight loss and fitness efforts. He outlines the ideal means and times to exercise to work with your two meals a day diet plan. And that is exactly what The IF Diet is – a diet consisting of eating two meals a day.

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  • The IF Diet could reduce overall calorie intake throughout the day.
  • The diet plan includes healthy foods and exercise.
  • The cost of The IF Diet is less than $5.


  • The diet is available in eBook format – not a print publication.
  • Not all dieters can eat just two meals a day and feel full.


The biggest issue dieters are bound to have with The IF Diet is hunger. There are no details on the official website about when the first or second meal of the day should be consumed, but we suspect it will be around lunch and dinner. Waiting until lunch time to eat could pose the problem of extreme hunger and overeating later in the day.

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