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The Inflammation Free Diet is a book written by Monica Reinagel, a nutritionist and trained chef. The author has a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and is a board-certified nutrition specialist. The plan is based on the premise that inflammation is the root of all disease and that it plays a role in accelerating the aging process. Recent news reports do link inflammation to an increasing list of chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and rheumatoid arthrits. Some factors that reduce inflammation are having a healthy body weight, exercise, not smoking, and keeping stress to a minimum, but the book claims that the most important factor is the food we eat and it uses the IF (Inflammation Free)Rating System to rate various foods. The concept in the Inflammation Free Diet is to balance the inflammatory foods against the anti-inflammatory foods using the book’s rating system as your guide. The book gives the dieter three weeks of meals and 50 anti-inflammatory recipes. It claims that there are no forbidden foods, but you will find out which proteins to eat so that you maximize your health and lose weight. Some other factors that contribute to inflammation are the glycemic load, fat composition and the antioxidant and vitamin content of the foods you eat.

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The Inflammation Free Diet retails for $41.65, but can be purchased used or borrowed from the library. Charts rating the individual foods comprise one third of the book and another third features meal planning and recipes. The remainder explains the science of inflammation and how to use the diet plan. You may have some additional food costs as you adapt your shopping to the diet requirements.

The diet includes a number of tempting recipes such as Asian Broccoli and Ginger Salad, Grilled Mahi Mahi with Mango Salsa and Rosemary Sweet Potato Salad.

There are three eating plans to choose from in The Inflammation Free Diet: Preventive/Maintenance, Theraputic and Reduced-Calorie.

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  • The only expense to follow this plan is the cost of the book and food purchases.
  • It is endorsed by some well known, holistically-minded physicians such as Christiane Northrup and Susan M. Lark.
  • The concept presented by the book of balancing foods is simple.


  • While the concept of the Inflammation Free Diet is simple, the calculations that are required to balance the food can be time consuming.
  • Some critics claim that the author confuses inflammation with insulin resistance.
  • Some claim that the author contradicts what’s come to be accepted advice from many proven diets.


There is certainly no harm in following the Inflammation Free Diet, although it may be somewhat confusing and time consuming to determine the best food combinations. However, it may not be any better than any healthy eating plan that recommends plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, adequate protein, and minimum of processed foods and grains. Do some research of the various diets and perhaps consult your physician or a nutritionist to determine your best diet.

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    Debbie R. Robinson

    I was just diagnosed with polymyalgia, very interested in foods that I can eat more of to help keep the inflammation levels down so I can reduce or discontinue the prednisone I am currently taking that has now also caused me to develop bone lost. However, I am a very small person and also need to maintain a good weight level. Will your book help me with this?


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    jeannette matthews



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    jeannette matthews

    where can a get a copy of the inflamation diet