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The Ital Diet is one used by those who follow the Rastafarian Movement. It is most well known in Jamaica, and claims to be able to increase the life energy force found in all human beings, known as livity. We will take a closer look at this diet to determine how it can help you lose weight and reach your health and fitness goals. The foods eaten on the diet are believed to increase the life force, whereas foods that are restricted or avoided on the diet are believed to take away from the life force.

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The Ital Diet is essentially a vegan raw diet. This diet promotes eating plenty of fresh produce, whole grains, and other natural foods, in their natural state. Limiting consumption of things such as red meat and alcohol will improve your health, and thus add to your life force. Eating highly processed foods takes away from the natural state of the food, which in turn destroys the life force, and goes against what this diet stands for. The basic idea behind this diet is that you should not eat foods that have additives or have been processed. Those who follow the strictest form of this diet will not eat food that has been grown in fertilized soil or treated with pesticides. This diet does not address exercise, but would produce weight loss for someone who is not used to eating a healthy diet.

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  • The Ital Diet advocates staying away from processed food.
  • Connecting your cultural or spiritual beliefs to the way you eat may make it easier for you to stick with over the long term.


  • The Ital Diet’s cultural background may turn some people away from the program.
  • This program does not address fitness guidelines.
  • This diet promotes using marijuana.
  • This program does not allow alcohol consumption, which in minor amounts has been shown to have some health benefit.


The Ital Diet would be hard for most people to stick to over the long term, due to the highly restrictive nature. Though it doesn’t prohibit meat and alcohol entirely, and does not prohibit cooking, the strictest forms do not allow for any food to be eaten outside of its natural raw state. Without exercise, it will be harder to burn fat and build muscle to help you lose weight. We recommend a less restrictive diet with regular exercise for the best and healthiest weight loss results. Sometimes, diet and exercise is not enough, and if this happens to be the case with you, a proven dietary supplement with a fat burner or appetite suppressant is a good way to increase your efforts to get the results you are looking for.

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