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The Joel Fuhrman Diet is based on the Joel Fuhrman food pyramid. The food pyramid is different from the typical food pyramid used as a nutritional basis in the United States. Going from the bottom the food groups listed are vegetables, fruits – beans – legumes, seeds – nuts – avocado, whole grains – potatoes, poultry – oils – eggs – fish – fat free dairy and beef – sweets – cheese – processed foods. If the dieter adjusts the recommended daily intake of foods based on the new pyramid, the Joel Fuhrman Diet may be ideal for weight loss.

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Vegetable-based diet for weight loss.

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Every dieter knows vegetables are low in calories, high in fiber and rich in vitamins, but consuming more vegetables seems to be a difficult choice for many. The Joel Fuhrman Diet is an easier method of weight loss because it replaces the normal food pyramid with foods that are lower in calories. The dieter simply eats the recommended daily servings as associated with the typical food pyramid, but the foods are switched on some levels. For instance, red meat is located on the top of the pyramid, so it should only be consumed in small amounts. Poultry is one step below red meat, so chicken and turkey should be consumed more than red meat, but less often than vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains and fruits.

Some dieters look at the Joel Fuhrman Diet as a vegetarian diet, but meat is allowed if only in moderation. Taking the step into vegetarianism from the Joel Fuhrman Diet is simple if the dieter replaces red meat and poultry with tofu and other sources of natural protein.

Joel Fuhrman is the author of the Eat to Live diet book. The book was revised in 2011 to account for dietary changes and changes in clinical research. The Eat to Live book is dedicated to more than weight loss. The author claims the diet can help reduce risk of disease and reverse the disease process, in some cases.

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  • The Joel Fuhrman Diet promotes vegetables and lean protein.
  • The details of the Fuhrman food pyramid are free on the official website.


  • Very similar to a vegetarian diet.
  • Does not allow for processed foods as often as some dieters would like.
  • Can be considered clean eating.


Weight loss is about eating healthy food and exercising more. The Joel Fuhrman Diet breaks down the food pyramid, making it easier for the dieter to lose weight and improve health without counting calories. In theory, eating from the altered food pyramid could increase weight loss if the dieter controls portions and maintains a healthy exercise plan. Adding in supplements is not out of the question, though Fuhrman does not specifically support fat burners.

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