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One thing is for certain; you have a number of options when it comes to dieting and weight loss nowadays. One of these options is called “The Kind Diet.” This is actually the title of a book that emphasizes the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. The Kind Diet involves three separate levels in order to allow dieters to progress at their own pace. These three levels are called Flirts (you gradually replace some meats with plant-based foods), Vegans (you completely do away with animal products, but substitutes are okay), and Superheroes (you solely consume produce and whole grains).

As opposed to dietary supplements that burn off fat, boost energy levels and heighten thermo genesis, The Kind Diet simply encourages an eating plan without any animal products. This may potentially increase the dieter’s health, regularity, and overall appearance.

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The Kind Diet is essentially a book written by actress and celebrity, Alicia Silverstone. While this eating guide is focused on consuming healthy foods and shedding unwanted body fat, it is also geared toward saving the planet. More specifically, Silverstone elaborates on how she adopted a vegan lifestyle, and the ways it has benefited her figure, as well as the planet (the animals anyway). Dieters who choose this text will learn more about a plant-based way of eating, in addition to how this vegan diet can encourage weight loss, and heighten energy levels. Furthermore, The Kind Diet is claimed to assist with digestive functioning and promote clearer skin. Those who adopt The Kind Diet plan learn how to avoid meat and animal products, but enjoy food at the same time. Silverstone provides some unique recipes that are supposed to satisfy common cravings, as well as plenty of dessert options (there are almost 100 different recipes provided in this text). The cost of this book varies depending on where you purchase it from (anywhere from $15 and up).

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  • The Kind Diet encourages the consumption of fruits and vegetables, which is healthy.
  • There are nearly 100 different recipes presented in this book.


  • Some dieters will not like the fact that no convenient supplements are involved with The Kind Diet.
  • Not all dieters want to be vegans.
  • This type of weight loss plan may involve too much of a lifestyle change.
  • No exercise routines are addressed in the descriptions of this book.


It is clear that The Kind Diet emphasizes a completely vegan lifestyle for several reasons. While this change in diet can certainly be beneficial to your health, not everyone wants to refrain from eating any and all meat products. Also, some dieters may prefer a more convenient supplement formula to assist them with real weight loss. These can also be effective and safe.

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