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The Kremlin Diet boasts a unique and mysterious history. A product of the Cold War, the diet has been attributed by some to the U.S. Army as a way of keeping their soldiers in top condition and by others to Russian doctors for the purpose of keeping Russian leaders looking strong, slim, and healthy.

Whatever the true origins of the Kremlin Diet may be, it has gained a reputation for being an effective way to lose weight and stay slender. The diet falls into the low carbohydrate category and encourages high intake of protein and certain vegetables, while discouraging the consumption of fruits and sugars. Dieters can eat as much as they like while staying within the carbohydrate limitations set forth in the program.

The Kremlin Diet program can be purchased online as an e-book for about $20.00.

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The Kremlin Diet relies on a system of points or standard units (SU). Each food receives a number of standard units depending on the amount of carbohydrates contained in that food. Dieters aim for a total of 40 SU per day in order to lose weight, 60 SU per day in order to maintain weight, and over 60 SU per day in order to gain weight. The idea behind this program is that once the body no longer receives energy from carbohydrates, it will turn to fat stores as the primary source of energy, causing the individual to lose weight.

Many people enjoy the Kremlin Diet because it allows them to eat as much food as they want to at any time, provided they remain within the allotted range of standard units. Meat, fish, and poultry contain no carbohydrates and therefore have zero SU, meaning they can be eaten in any quantity.

Nutritionists differ on the safety of high protein, low carb diets. Some say that high protein diets contain more fat which can lead to increased risk of heart disease. Others say that low carb diets offer a healthy way to lose weight.

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  • The Kremlin Diet encourages nutrition awareness and reduction in sugar consumption.
  • The diet plan can be purchased inexpensively as an e-book.
  • Low carb diets like the Kremlin Diet have demonstrated effectiveness in some people.


  • There is little information available about the Kremlin Diet unless you purchase the e-book.
  • No before and after pictures are available.
  • The Kremlin Diet does not address the need for exercise.
  • The Kremlin Diet does not include healthy nutritional supplements.
  • The Kremlin Diet may cause increased risk of heart disease due to increased fat consumption.


While the Kremlin Diet may help some people lose weight quickly, the risk of increased heart problems should not be ignored. The lack of information available on the Kremlin Diet makes it difficult for an average dieter to determine whether the program meets his needs without purchasing the e-book. Dieters should consult with their doctors before attempting to lose weight with the Kremlin Diet.

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