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Vegetarians eat more vegetables and fewer meats. In some cases, meats are eliminated. The Lacto Vegetarian Diet allows the dieter to consume dairy products, though meat products are not allowed. Dairy products include milk, yogurt, cheese and butter. These can be a great source of calcium and healthy fats. The diet was first accepted as a means of religious belief. In certain religions, all species, including animals, are accepted as being on the same plane. No harm can be done to animals of any kind, thus eating meat is strictly prohibited. Eggs are also prohibited as taking eggs from an animal is the same as taking their young. Dairy products can be made from elements taken from an animal without causing harm, thus they are allowed.

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Vegetarian diet that allows some dairy products, but no eggs.

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A Lacto Vegetarian Diet is popular among many religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism. These religious beliefs are based on no harm to animals or any other species, thus food products must be gathered without any harm to the animal. A lacto vegetarian diet is a sound eating principle that allows just enough food variety to cover all vitamins, minerals and nutritional needs. Protein comes from animal free sources, like plant proteins and dairy products. Butter is a healthy source of fats, though cooking oils derived from plants are also allowed.

The common misconception with the lacto vegetarian diet is weight loss. The diet does not limit intake of calories. If the dieter fries vegetables in vegetable oil and consumes a large amount of beans on a daily basis, they will gain weight. Losing weight on a vegetarian plan like the lacto vegetarian diet requires portion control and exercise. There are no specific guidelines for portion control and exercise in the average lacto vegetarian diet.

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  • There are many recipe books dedicated to lacto vegetarian diet plans.
  • The dieter can lose weight if portion sizes are controlled.


  • No specific guidelines for portion control or exercise.
  • Many lacto vegetarian dishes are high in calories and fat.
  • Dieters need to exercise to lose weight.
  • Dieters must keep a careful eye on protein intake.


The lacto vegetarian diet is a healthy option for dieters who want to give up meat products. Some religions believe eating meat and meat products is a sin while others believe testosterone and genetic compounds from the animal are passed on to the dieter when meat is consumed. The basic root of the diet is in ancient religions that believe all animals, including humans, are created equal and that killing an animal for food is basically murder. The plan does not guarantee weight loss.

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