The Lambs And Pears Elimination Diet Review

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The Lambs-and-Pears Elimination Diet is typically used to narrow down potential food allergy threats. Lambs and pears are typically safe foods, though some choose turkey over lamb. The dieter eats only these two foods for a period of two weeks or more. There is usually a doctor involved in the process of food allergy elimination, so the specific time spent on the two food diet will be determined by how long it takes for allergy symptoms to subside. Once all allergy symptoms are gone, the dieter adds one food into the diet at a time. When the symptoms return, the problem food is noted and the dieter either continues on the plan to eliminate other possible food allergens or they return to a normal eating schedule leaving out the offending food.

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Special diet to eliminate food allergens.

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Having a food allergy can be life threatening. While there are blood tests to rule out certain food allergens, in severe cases with no positive blood tests, doctors may choose to have the patient follow the Lambs-and-Pears Elimination Diet. The dieter will eat lamb (or turkey) and pears for at least two weeks.

The diet is generally bland. No new foods can be introduced without the advice of the attending physician. In the case that the dieter is choosing to follow the plan for other reasons, like weight loss, adding in new foods is based on personal preference.

While lambs (or turkey) and pears are rich in vitamins and nutrients, they are lacking in some basic human needs like calcium and vitamins commonly found in green leafy vegetables. This diet is not a healthy choice for weight loss and should only be consumed if absolutely necessary for the elimination of a food allergen.

After a new food is introduced, the dieter will need to follow the new eating plan for a week or two. Food allergy symptoms do not always present immediately after consuming the food. This could mean eliminating the food allergen could take many months. During that time, the doctor could prescribe a multi-vitamin to help the patient maintain health.

There are no portion sizes required for the Lambs-and-Pears Elimination Diet. The dieter must control portion sizes, however, to prevent weight gain on the program. There are no exercise requirements, but again, the dieter should exercise regularly.

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  • May help a dieter find the cause of food allergy symptoms.


  • Not a nutritionally complete diet.


There are many healthy weight loss diets available, but the Lambs-and-Pears Elimination Diet is not one. The diet restrict intake to two foods and allows the dieter to add one new food at a time. The process of elimination can take a very long time.

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