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The Lean Body Prescription is a weight loss book written by an urgent care doctor. While becoming a doctor requires years of education, that education does not always include nutrition. The book details how dieters can lose belly fat without having to spend hours working out or severely restricting diet. There is a diet and exercise plan required to lose belly fat, but they certainly do not follow the conventional fat-burning avenues.

The book sells on for less than $10. We found no official website for the book so the dieter must order from an outside retailer.

List of Ingredients

Self-help book on losing belly fat.

Product Features

Stress causes belly fat, according to many weight loss doctors. Belly fat is linked to increased risk of certain diseases like diabetes and heart disease. According to Dr. Travis Stork, hanging on to belly fat is the same as hanging on to these life-threatening diseases. The doctor goes so far as to claim weight loss is like fighting for life.

There are two basic principles used in The Lean Body Prescription – Pick 3 to Lean and N.E.A.T. Pick 3 to Lean offers the dieter three menu options. One supports dieters who love to eat desserts and another focuses on meat. The final menu is all about people who love to eat large breakfasts.

N.E.A.T. stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis. This exercise plan allows the dieter to lose weight without exercising, according to the book description. The doctor claims dieters can lose up to 15 pounds in 4 weeks on the diet plan following the instructions in The Lean Body Prescription.

Dr. Travis Stork partners with Peter Moore. Moore is an editor for Men’s Health. This gives a bit of credibility to the book, but the urgent care doctor is not trained in nutrition, dieting or exercise.

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  • The book sells for less than other self-help diet books.
  • The plan supports diet and exercise.
  • The dieter does not have to spend hours in the gym.


  • Dieters must exercise to lose weight, but this diet supports “non-exercise.”
  • The diet menus are not detailed enough.


With thousands of diet books on the market, The Lean Body Prescription needs a plan that stands out about the rest. From the information found online, the diet plan is nothing more than eat this and do this to burn calories. This is the same information found in other diet books, but it is tweaked to make the dieter think they don’t have to workout to lose weight. The menu plans are a bit strange and unconventional, but some dieters may like that take on weight loss. There is no mention of supplements.

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