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The Lean is a revolutionary diet plan focusing on transforming the way individuals think of diet and exercise. The goal of the diet is to assist dieters lose weight and keep the weight off in as little as 30 days. The Lean, penned by Kathy Freston, is considered more of a self-help book rather than a diet plan. According to the author, dieters will be successful when following the two rules: you need willpower and add healthy foods into your diet. Freston states the plan is easy. We will take a closer look to see if in fact The Lean is this simple.

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  • Book by Kathy Freston.

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The Lean is described as a 30-day weight loss solution. There are two rules associated with the diet plan, the willingness to take the first step and change your existing eating habits. According to the author, following dieters following the two rules notice weight loss in the realm of one to three pounds per week.

The diet plan appears to have the answers, but the customers who have purchased The Lean tell the complete story. The diet plan focuses more on transitioning dieters into vegans, rather than teaching them how to incorporate healthy eating habits into a weight management plan. Freston continues throughout the book to put down the benefits of animal proteins and instead tells dieters to address protein requirements by eating processed foods. This is truly the wrong direction for dieters looking to sustain weight loss.

Information relating to The Lean is available on the official website, but you can only purchase the book on The book is rather inexpensive, compared to similar weight loss plans. We found the book for $10. The Lean does not include scientific research or clinical trials associated with the weight loss claims. This is a major concern. Dieters needs to know a diet plan will produce results, albeit minimal.

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  • The book is inexpensive.
  • The Lean addresses diet as well as exercise.


  • There is no scientific research or clinical trials associated with the diet plan.
  • Switching to veganism could potentially be expensive.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The author recommends consuming processed foods instead of animal-based meats.
  • Veganism is not suitable for every dieter.
  • The information is readily available online.


Freston makes a valid case to change dieting habits and transforming your existing life. The concern we have is the way she is going about the information. The book is a bit misleading. Dieters could possibly think this is a diet plan, when in fact The Lean is a step-by-step guide to transforming your current eating habits to those of a vegan. Veganism is great, but not an ideal solution for every dieter.

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