The Leanness Lifestyle Diet Review

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The Leanness Lifestyle is a weight loss plan for people who want to lose weight, slim down, maintain muscle or build muscle. The program is available in book or eBook format. The eBook comes with an audio companion with seven hours of recorded audio from the author of the Leanness Lifestyle. There are various gyms or fitness clubs that use the Leanness Lifestyle for a competition of sorts. The official website lists the top 20 members and the corresponding clubs where they participate in the competition. Clubs are located all over the United States, including Colorado, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Illinois and Texas, to name a few states.

List of Ingredients

Emotional, physical and dietary changes for leanness and improved health.

Product Features

The Leanness Lifestyle is based on AMP – Amplify, Motivation and Personal Support. The program is based on a teaching model so the author presents information in a “university” style. The Leanness Lifestyle coaches interact with members of the program with online audio, audio downloads and personal support online. The eBook sells for $39.95, but the LLU or Leanness Lifestyle University is a separate purchase. The dieter starts with a payment of $4.95, but future payment amounts are not revealed.

There is very little information on the Leanness Lifestyle Diet and exercise program. The author presents a few details in an online video, including the importance of lecithin and omega 3 fatty acids. These could be included in dietary or supplement forms. The majority of the before and after photos look like they should be on a bodybuilding website and not a weight loss website. Even the author has packed on quite a bit of muscle since the book was published.

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  • Immediate download of the eBook and audio companion.
  • Online support and “club points” for participating in Leanness Lifestyle University.
  • Before and after photos support weight loss claims.


  • Before and after photos look more like bodybuilding than weight loss.
  • No specific details on dietary guidelines or exercise requirements.
  • Dieters may have to spend hours in the gym.
  • Costs more than typical weight loss books.
  • Membership to the Leanness Lifestyle University requires an additional payment.


The Leanness Lifestyle Diet is a bit vague, at best. The official website offers lots of before and after photos and a list of the top members of the online club, but there are no food lists, diet details, menus, recipes or sample workouts. The participants featured on the website look more like bodybuilders, including the author of the book, so this program could require gym access at an additional cost. It is likely a high-protein diet, but could also include supplements.

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