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The Lemonade Diet is pretty much self explanatory when it comes down to working out what it actually is. The Lemonade Diet basically involves bypassing certain meals of the day and replacing them with glasses of lemonade that has been mixed with cayenne pepper and syrup. Generally the crash diet will last for about twelve days and has been referred to by some people as a master cleanse.

Many people would fight against the claim that this is a “fad diet” claiming that it is not to be used as a weight loss method at all and actually is a method of cleansing the body of toxins and generally feeling better from the inside out.


Lemons, Cayenne Pepper, Maple Syrup.

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There has been no scientific research to back this diet or weight loss method and also testimonials from various clients and testers of the diet have been rather mixed. Although it is not actually considered to be a weight loss method, some people have claimed that they have lost a fair bit of weight using this for the twelve day period but this is probably due to the fact that the body is simply not getting enough calories and is therefore looking to fat reserves to survive.

The Lemonade Diet, reportedly started by a man called Mr. Burroughs has become increasingly popular with many celebrities turning to this as a way to shape up before a big event but what is not known are other weight loss methods that they are using at the same time.

There is no one official website for the lemonade diet but the ones we looked at suggested replacing one or two meals per day with lemonade. Some sites even encourage only lemonade for 12 days but that seems unhealthy and very hard to keep up with.

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  • Lemonade is pretty refreshing.
  • Lemons are pretty cheap.


  • You may be very hungry a lot of the time while using the lemonade diet.
  • Lemonade doesn’t contain very many important nutrients that your body needs.
  • The lemonade diet seems like a very short term weight loss solution.


The Lemonade Diet will probably help you lose weight quickly while helping your body eliminate a lot of toxins. The problem is, you will be pretty hungry all day long even if you eat one huge meal along with this diet. The only real calories in this diet comes from the maple syrup you pour into each glass of lemonade. Similar in function to water fasting, the diet resembles a starvation plan or detox plan rather than a weight loss plan.

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  • 1

    i been on the diet for 4 days lost 5lbs feel great full of engery dont get hungry my first day was the hardest one bc i was around so much food i had a headache but after the first day everything goes smooth


  • 2
    jennifer glasgow

    I’ve been doing the diet 4x yearly since 2006 & I’m impressed. From the start. I’ve never felt hungry while on the diet. Ive stayed on the diet from 12-17days. The only nuisance I find is being bored with the taste. I love the increase stamina I have when I’m on the diet & the amazing feeling of well being. I sleep better, I usually lose 10-12lbs in 12days. I did discover on one occasion that It is very important not to eat flour products for @ least 1wk after you get off the diet. I got the worst stomach pain when I ate2bites of a sandwich on day #3 after I was off the diet. Never did that again.


  • 3

    I been doing this detox about four days. I have probably loosed 4 pound so far, I’m also doing the salty water flush and the laxative tea as recommend, but I have notice that I just go to the bathroom once in the morning is that normal?


  • 4

    can you drink decaf coffee? I also was lookin at a web site that said you can have crystal light hard candy if needed?? Any help would be great. I also just started this diet this morning. I am a little hungry already..


  • 5

    what would happen if i only drank 1/2 the recommended amount per day??



    y cant you chew gun?!! and who knows what would happen if yu drank that


  • 6

    So, i read some reviews and they said that you wouldn’t be hungry and to my GREAT surprise…you really aren’t. I think it is the pepper. After I drink it with that stuff in it I honestly have NO HUNGER for hours!! the taste of cayenne pepper is SO NASTY that I just can’t even think about eating anything else.


  • 7

    can you chew gun


  • 8

    why can’t you use lemon juice in a bottle?



    No, it has to be fresh, the bottled has chemicals added to it and you’re trying to get rid of those chemicals.

    This isn’t a “diet”…it’s a detox meant to clean your body out. The rapid weight loss is an added bonus, I’ve lost 9 bs in 5 days.
    However, the weight will come right back if you don’t change your eating habits.

    I would research this “diet” before starting it



    I’ve been doing this diet for 7 days now and have released 91/2 lbs.Am very overweight.Feeling good,not much hunger at all.Will do at least 3 more days.Indigestion not as bad now,compared to b4 the diet.Am doing it as a cleanse.


  • 9

    how many days should i do this diet? and should i stop in between times or what’s the best to my knowledge method?



    how long shouldmdo the diet


  • 10

    can you drink water along with the diet?





  • 11
    Denise Parton

    Could I get the recipe for the lemonade diet. I would like to see if that is something that will be useful to me.



    Lemonade Diet Recipe

    For at least 10 days, drink around 10 servings/day of the following:

    2 Tablespoons (1 fluid ounce) fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice NOT BOTTLED JUICE!! (approx. 1/2 lemon),
    2 Tablespoons (1 fluid ounce) organic Grade B maple syrup,
    1/10 Teaspoon or more cayenne pepper (hot red pepper), and
    1 Cup (8 fluid ounces) purified or spring water, NOT fluoridated water.
    (This is what I did) This is the equivalent of taking an empty gallon water jug and filling it with:

    the juice of 5 lemons
    1 1/4 cup of organic Grade B maple syrup
    1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
    10 cups of water
    Shake it all up and you got your days’ serving



    u left out a part of the cleansing/detox process.At night u take the lax tea “smooth move”(preferbably) and 1st thing in the am u drink the “salt water solution”(quart)this is what releases all the waste. This is from the Mr.Burroghs “The master cleanse” book i picked up from WHOLE FOODS.


  • 12
    LaWana Edwards

    what can I use in place of the maple syrup. reason being i’m a dietabite.
    do you know about using agava?



    On the web page for it does say it can be safe for diabetics using raw agave or organic molasses beginning with only a scant amount and continue increasing the amount of sweetener and decreasing insulin taken but be sure to check blood sugar levels to be on the safe side. My mother & I hope to start this tomorrow and she is a Type 2 diabetic.



    You can use molasses or agave nectar instead as it supplies the necessary elements for the pancreas to produce insulin, as a result, the amount of insulin taken may also be gradually reduced.

    On the first day use a small tablespoon of the molasses or agave nectar to each glass of lemonade and reduce insulin by about 10 units. Daily from then on reduce the insulin as you increase the molasses/nectar to 2 full tablespoons per glass. When this proportion has been reached the insulin can normally be eliminated; then replace the molasses or agave with 2 tablespoons of maple syrup in each glass. Make regular checks of the sugar level in the blood to be on the safe side. Many people with diabetes have found they no longer have need for insulin after the master cleanse.



    you can use honey