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The Lenten Diet is a diet based on the dietary restrictions of Lent. Lent is a religious diet followed for 40 days during the year. It is a time for spiritual cleansing. There is a specific diet associated with Lent, but not every Catholic chooses to follow the diet in detail. Some choose simply to give up a food or group of foods for Lent as a means of self-deprivation. There is no weight loss benefits associated with Lent. Meat is typically given up on Fridays, but this is only for Catholics over the age of 14. The diet is taught from birth as part of a religious choice and may be difficult for dieters to pick up as a means of weight loss for a few days a year.

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Restricted diet as a means of religious observation.

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The Lenten Diet is based on religious choice. The diet does not restrict food intake, so dieters will not lose weight on the plan unless they choose to consume smaller portions. Food intake on Fridays is strictly limited. On the week of Lent, Ash Wednesday is a fasting day though one meal, without meat, is allowed. There are some foods allowed on Fridays, including some seafood, fruit, beans, rice and spaghetti.

Restricting meat intake and increasing intake of fruits and vegetables is a healthy means of weight loss. Dieters can take some of the rules of the Lenten Diet and create a personalized diet plan to increase overall health and lose weight. This includes the weekly fast. Many religions utilize fasting as a means of religious belief.

There is no exercise regime associated with the Lenten Diet, though exercise should be avoided on Ash Wednesday as food intake is severely limited. Dieters need to start and maintain a healthy eating plan with any weight loss diet.

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  • Religious diet that supports healthy fruits, vegetables and seafood during Lent.
  • Practiced only 40 days of the year.
  • Could be the basis for a healthy, weight loss plan.


  • Not a weight loss diet.
  • No exercise plan included with the Lenten Diet.
  • Dieters may have to incorporate plant and bean based protein if followed for more than a week.


The Lenten Diet is not a weight loss diet, but dieters can use some of the rules associated with Lent eating plans to lose weight. Many Catholics think of Lent as a time of spiritual rebirth, which could be just what some dieters need to start anew and lose weight for good. Portion control is important to any weight loss plan as is a regular exercise program. These are missing from the Lenten Diet.

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