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Many Americans live their lives with perpetual pain and health problems. Sound familiar? Are you among these ranks of suffering patients? Whether from colon problems or unhealthy weight, sick Americans need a way to alleviate their discomfort. What if this could be done naturally? Unlike many other supplements, the Life Tree Purify products claim to contain the ideal balance of natural herbal nutrients needed for healthful living.

Based out of Smiths Station, Alabama, Life Tree offers a wide variety of herbal supplements and health aids. From Detoxifying foot patches to Colon cleansers the options available seem endless. However, one of the most popular products available remains the Life Tree Purify System.

The Life Tree Purify products are specifically designed for Parasite cleansing. The company’s website offers no money-back guarantee, although it does certify that the product contains all natural herbal ingredients. The Life Tree Purify system is not designed for weight loss. However, a number of testimonials on the site advertise its effectiveness, including its ability to assist in losing weight. Although no before and after photos are available on the website, the company offers readers a lot of information about the history of herbs to rid parasites, as well as pictures of the different creatures that typically reside in humans. The pill version of the Life Tree Purify costs $39.95, and the liquid tincture, $37.95. Neither product comes with a free gift.

List of Ingredients

Green black walnut hull, pumpkin seed, clove flower, cumin seed, gentian root, hyssop leaf, cramp bark, peppermint leaf, thyme leaf, Chinese rhubarb root,oregano leaf, fennel seed.

Product Features

The Life Tree Purify products contain a combination of organic herbs which allow the body to safely flush out harmful invaders like tapeworms and pinworms. The product comes in a 30 day supply of either a liquid tincture or a pill; however, the company advocates using Purify for 90 days for the best results. Users of this product claim that they have actually seen parasites in their stools during use. They claim better overall health, and in some cases easier weight loss.

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  • This system can be purchased easily through the company’s website.
  • The testimonials available on the website claim parasite removal effectiveness.
  • The product contains natural, organic, herbal ingredients.


  • This product is not intended for weight loss.
  • No before and after pictures are available on the company’s website.
  • There is no money-back guarantee.
  • No free gift is offered with customer purchases.


If you are looking for a parasite detoxification system, the Life Tree Purify products may work for you. However, this product line is not designed or advertised for weight loss. A few customers have mentioned that the increase in their overall health assisted them in losing weight, but in general Purify is strictly used for the removal of parasites. Best to look elsewhere for a weight loss supplement.

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14 User Reviews about The Life Tree Purify

  • 1

    I have a real bad case of parasites in my body, the doctors gave me an xray and I have the Lava attached in my stomach,near my colon. The parasites are extremely bad, they are even coming out my skin,all over my body, even my eyes. Do you think Purity can still help me. Please reply and tell me what you think. Please


  • 2

    I like to order the life tree product but they dont have the email address and where to contact.After reading the reviews from Cheryl and others iam thinkiing twice


  • 3
    Sharon Messmer

    Just a question, is the “The Life Tree Purify” going to cause me to have diarrhea for the duration of my taking it? If so I cannot take it any more. Been on it for 4 days and can’t leave the house, it say I am to be on it for 30 to 90 days. Isn’t going to happen if this is so. Please notify me. thank you. Sharon


  • 4

    I was told purify was a wonderful herb for getting rid of parasites…now can’t e/mail are contact anyone by phone…whats up with u people? maybe I chose the wrong co. to



    Hi Cheryl , did you get your product ?.


  • 5

    I was told purify was a wonderful herb for getting rid of parasites…now can’t e/mail are contact anyone by phone…whats up with u people?


  • 6

    I also live in Australia, have ordered this product 2 weeks ago but have not received. Now I am concerned as there is no way of contacting them to see how my order is going. Glad to hear Kir actually took their product…concerned I’ve been scammed! 2013 now with no further comments :(


  • 7

    Purify, is not a weight loss aid. It kills parasites, period. I have tried a lot of different parasite killers and their’s was the only one I noticed any real change on.


  • 8

    I just want to know if this stuff is really safe to take?



    I don’t know but reading Normandie Keith’s article in the November edition of Natural Health magazine (Aceville Publications UK) might help


  • 9

    I am interested in their Purify, but there is not an email address for me to ask a question. I am taking Lithium Medication and was wondering if it is ok to take these herbs?



    I agree with Carol, not listing their email address is annoying. I have questions to ask and I’m not calling them from Australia.


    Lee Ringma

    Hi Bron , I saw your comment, posted Sept 2010, regards Tree of Life Purify products Have you had any success in contacting Tree of Life by any chance? . Or would you know where these products are available here in Australia?

    Thanks for your time ,
    Lee Ringma , NSW , Australia



    Yes, Hi Lee, I am wondering if you have had any progress re a distributer in OZ?