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Suzanne Fowler started the Light Weigh to help people experience weight loss in a healthy, Bible-based manner. Using scriptural principles the Light Weigh emphasizes overall wellness and healthy attitudes toward food. No supplements are used in the program; however Light Weigh does require attendance at support group meetings. These meetings are characterized by prayer and trying to encourage fellow dieters in their goals.

While the Light Weigh may sound appealing for people of Christian faith, those who are not Catholic or Protestant find the program too religious. It is hard for them to fit into a diet program that emphasizes basing choices on the teachings of the Bible when they do not believe the book. The program costs $135 to start up, with more charges later on for additional twelve week courses. When new customers inquire about Light Weigh they will receive a free gift, however it is difficult to find information about this as you wade through paragraphs negatively describing the excessive costs of other diet programs.

The Light Weigh website offers a number of success stories, as well as before and after pictures. The program was recently featured on CNN after a woman lost more than 100 pounds on the program. Prevention magazine also advocates the Light Weigh for its appeal for overall wellness and realistic goals. However, since the whole company’s premise revolves around Bible teachings, its interest bracket ends up somewhat slim.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable. The Light Weigh offers no diet supplements; rather, only a DVD curriculum.

Product Features

The Light Weigh is a twelve-part Bible study course on healthy eating. There are no diet pills or other supplements involved. Instead, the program emphasizes joining a support group to assist you and encourage you as you seek to reach your weight loss goals. The $135 start up cost includes the Light Weigh workbook and the first twelve week audio series, as well as the spiritual growth kit and the cost of attending the video program. Additional twelve week series cost another $30.

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  • The program offers the opportunity for support and encouragement.
  • Realistic goals are suggested.
  • The program has received positive media attention for success stories.


  • No diet supplements are offered by this company.
  • Program members must be either Catholic or Protestant to participate.
  • The website is negative about other diet programs.
  • Internet-based ordering is not offered.


If you are a social, religious-minded person looking for a weight loss program, the Light Weigh may work out well for you. You can get together with others who like to read the Bible and pray for each other until you have reached your goals. However, if you don’t care for Bible-based weight loss and just want to find a program that will help you lose weight quickly, you will probably have better success somewhere else.

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