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Susan Schnek, an acupuncturist who holds a Master’s Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine wrote the book The Live Food Factor: The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit and Planet is designed to teach you about eating raw foods and how it can not only help you lose weight, but to get healthy and stay that way. The book is supported by 70 different case studies, as she goes through and provides all the health benefits of eating a raw diet.

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The Live Food Factor is basically an encyclopedia for the raw food diet. The diet is comprised of eating plant based foods, raw, or not exposed to high temperatures. The majority of the book focuses on vegan eating, though there are some people who eat animal proteins and eggs raw, as well. In the book, she talks about how cooking something takes away from the nutrition and increases toxicity. She discusses some of the more well known nutrition controversies, including: vegetarianism versus eating meat, combing foods, and restricting calories. Schnek also takes care to address concerns about the raw food lifestyle, including how to make the switch from a cooked food diet, how to make sure you are getting enough protein, how to avoid eating too much fat, and how to make sure you are getting enough green vegetables in your diet. In addition to lots of recipes, the book has chapters on how to raise your kids on a raw diet, detoxification, eating during social gatherings, and fasting. The book does not focus on exercise, but recommends yoga and walking. You should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

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  • Promotes eating healthy foods.
  • Explains how you can ensure you are getting enough protein.
  • Supported by scientific research.


  • Does not allow for cooked foods.
  • Requires a complete overhaul of your lifestyle.
  • Can become expensive to keep fresh produce in mass quantity on hand at all times.
  • Does not target weight loss specifically.
  • May lead to some nutritional deficiencies.


The Live Food Factor is an excellent resource for those who are considering a raw diet. It is full of helpful information for those who want to include more raw food into their diets. It is not however, a sure fire weight loss plan, and it will be hard for most people to stick to. If you want to lose weight, making sure you follow a nutritionally balanced diet with a reduction of calories is a major part of it. You should also exercise regularly and contemplate adding a proven weight loss supplement, either as a fat burner or appetite suppressant to boost your effort.

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