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Do you want to live longer? Live a healthier life? Enjoy being able to get out and do the things you want to do? Most people would not think twice before answering each of these questions with a resounding “yes.” So the question is, what are you willing to do to make this happen? Dr. Sandra Cabot, a well-researched M.D. suggests that liver cleansing is the key. In her book, The Liver Cleansing Diet, which was first published in 1996, she describes this process.

While Dr. Cabot’s book seems well documented and medically sound, there have been cases reported in which the diet actually made people quite ill. Apparently, the diet affects people extremely differently. While it may work well for some, for others it can be dangerous. This kind of inconsistency makes potential dieters wonder if it is worth the risk to try it.

The Liver Cleansing Diet calls for a lot of fruit juices, vegetables, grains, and egg whites, with a smattering of meats and other foods sprinkled in. Granted, the diet only lasts eight weeks, but the regiment of hand-blended lemon and lime juice, coupled with the lack of meat can be difficult for the typical American. Then too, who has time to juice fruit several times a day? It ends up as a toss-up between inconvenience and long-term health. If the Liver Cleansing Diet works the way Dr. Cabot claims it will, dieters are in for a positive change not only in their liver function, but also in their metabolism, overall health, and weight. However, you have to actually survive the diet first.

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The Liver Cleansing Diet does not offer supplements of any kind. The program is clearly laid out for readers in the book, with complete listings of foods for the diet, as well as a wide variety of recipes using the liver-friendly ingredients. The author’s research and philosophy about the needs of the liver are highlighted in the first few chapters, followed by her step-by-step, eight week liver detoxification plan.

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  • The entire weight loss plan is laid out within the book.
  • The author is a licensed medical doctor with extensive research.
  • Some people have experienced increased liver health after using the diet.


  • The author makes no guarantee that the diet system will work for you.
  • The diet’s recipes can be complex and time-consuming.
  • The diet restrictions can be difficult to live with.
  • In some cases, dieters have become extremely sick after using this system.


If you know that your liver is the cause of your weight gain, then the Liver Cleansing Diet could be the key to your long-term recovery. However, you should be aware that the author of this weight loss program makes no promises that the system will work for you, and in some cases the diet has made people’s situations worse instead of better. The choice is yours. Read the book carefully before you begin and consider all of your options.

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4 User Reviews about The Liver Cleansing Diet

  • 1

    I would also like to know if this good for pre-diabetes? Thank you!


  • 2
    D. Layton

    I was diagnosed with terminal Liver damage and given 2-3 years to live. No insurance – little money after two months in hospitals in Vienna and Beirut. Some well meaning loved one even wrote my Obituary (said nice things I think). That was 2 years ago and my doctor now says I am almost fully recovered and – if I don’t get hit by a bus or something – will probably outlive most who had written me off. The Liver Cleansing diet and determination was the key – No it is not easy to keep it up and this is where my son came in – forcing me to keep at it and not just for 8 weeks – rather until I beat the problem. There are a number of elements involved in reversing this disease – support of family – positve mental attitude etc. But the Liver is an amazing organ which can be healed- Of this I am sure and I thank Dr. Cabot for her work in this field. Oh yes – and by the way – I got sick when I started out too but you get past that – stick with it – and by the way – defintely lose the salt! I love the line in the movie Gladiator when the guy says he will soon join his departed loved ones – “But not today!”.


  • 3

    what if someone is diagnosed with the liver damage cause of being given the wrong medication.Can the cleansing diet help?


  • 4

    Is this diet any good for people with diabeties. High sugar levels