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The Living Low-Carb Diet is a book written by Fran McCullough. The author found low carbohydrate dieting on a personal journey to lose weight and keep it off. According to one review, the author is not thin and she is not a doctor, but she does follow low carbohydrate dieting principles to keep her weight in check and maintain good health. The book starts off explaining some of the more popular low carbohydrate plans. It then moves into a sort of personalization phase, where the reader is given the tools to understand low carbohydrate eating and create a menu plan that works for them. The final portion of the book is dedicated to recipes. McCullough started off writing a low carb cookbook that because a bestseller, so the recipe portion of the book adds on to that original publication.

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Information on low carbohydrate dieting and why it works.

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There are so many low carbohydrate diets out there it is hard to decipher which ones are healthy and which are based on false promises. Some low carbohydrate diets promote ketosis, or fat burning for energy, while others promote eating complex, whole grains for weight loss. From one end of the spectrum to the other, McCullough examines the most popular in Living Low-Carb.

The details of starting a low carbohydrate plan are not included in this book. Some readers complain about this fact as they purchased the book looking for a guide to starting and maintaining a low carbohydrate diet for weight loss. The Atkins new Diet Revolution is a better source of low carbohydrate eating for weight loss, but it is also very carb restrictive.

Further problems with the book include author complaints about people with peanut allergies and incorrect food ingredient listing. One reader was outraged by the fact that McCullough suggested a dieter order a small taste of a meal in a restaurant to test it for high sugar content. The dieter is supposed to chew the sample and spit it out. A “special stick” is used to test sugar content. This may be a bit drastic for most dieters.

The Living Low-Carb book sells for less than $4 on The recipes may be great, but the information is not for the dieter just beginning low carbohydrate dieting.

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  • Offers great low carbohydrate recipes.
  • Compares several low carbohydrate diets.


  • Some tactics are a bit outrageous.
  • Dieters are not given detailed instructions on how to start a low carbohydrate diet.


The Living Low-Carb Diet is not about starting a low carbohydrate diet. The author clearly gives information to the dieter that is already following a low carbohydrate plan. In this case, the diet book is a good source of information and recipes.

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