The Lunch Box Diet Review

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Everyone is looking for something different when it comes to dieting. For some, it is a pill to raise metabolism and boost energy. For others, the perfect diet may be cutting out all carbohydrates. For some people, however, pills and cutting out foods just do not work. Perhaps you are that type of individual. If you were, perhaps the Lunch Box diet would be right for you. It is an online-based diet so accessibility will not be a problem unless you do not have the internet. The diet plan is also found in a normal book format. The diet is based on a way of food planning using a grazing method of eating.

The Lunch Box Diet comes from the United Kingdom, and it was written by Simon Lovell. At this time, the Lunch Box Diet is only the cost of using one of their advertiser’s services such as Netflix and Gap. Their website claims it is normally £9.95. The book format of the diet plan is £19.95 The Lunch box diet claims that in 30 days an individual could lose between 7 and 12 pounds. The puts everything you eat during the day is in a lunch box. You are to begin the day with a meal and end with a meal. In between, however, you are to use the grazing method of eating. You have the whole lunch box full, but the point is to spread that out during the day.

List of Ingredients

Since the Lunch Box Diet is not a diet pill; there are no specific ingredients except for the following formula for what the lunch box should contain. It should contain 60% vegetables, 30% protein, and 10% fat. The diet plan also allows for some complex carbohydrates as well as reward foods.

Product Features

The features of the Lunch Box Diet plan really depend on the dieter’s choices. Several choices are listed in the plan. There could be a question as to whether an individual who is in desperate need of a diet would have the discipline to make the right choices for their lunch box. The main feature in this diet plan is the idea of grazing. It is suggested that a person graze around every hour and not to the point of being full. The diet planner believes that eating less at a time will cause the stomach to shrink. The Lunch Box Diet leaves a lot up to the dieter.

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  • This diet may be helpful to those who enjoy snacking.
  • This is a simple plan.
  • It forces dieters to eat their vegetables.


  • An individual on this diet must be able to plan ahead.
  • The diet plan does not suggest portion size.
  • This is not a balanced diet unless an individual is active.
  • This program lacks many specifics on the breakfast and dinner meals.


As a diet plan, the Lunch Box Diet has its positive attributes. For the casual dieter, or for someone who desires to eat healthy and lose a little weight, this may be the diet for you. At the same time, however, because of the flexibility of the plan, it may not be the best choice for the majority of serious dieters.

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