The Magic Guide To Lose Belly Fat Review

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The Magic Guide to Lose Belly Fat is a virtual diet book that has the final answer to a slimmer, tighter tummy, according to the eBook description. The plan claims any dieter can lose 10 pounds in three weeks. The download comes with two eBooks, fitness plan, grocery list and food suggestions. Videos are available online to help the dieter perform fitness routines explained in the download. The basis of the weight loss program is a low carb diet with good fats and carb-friendly vegetables. This sounds a lot like the Atkins diet, which could account for 21 pounds of weight loss in 10 days, but after that 10 days the dieter will still need to maintain the diet to continue losing weight and / or keep off the weight they already lost.

List of Ingredients

Low carbohydrates eating plan with fitness instruction in two eBooks.

Product Features

More and more authors are putting their heart, soul and time into eBooks instead of print books. An eBook can be completed in as little as one day and sell for around $40, as is the case with the Magic Guide to Lose Belly Fat. There is no doubt the eBook includes helpful diet tips, menu plans and fitness plans, but is the information any different than free information available on popular dieting websites?

There is an official website for the Magic Guide to Lose Belly Fat, but there is one problem with the website. The link that takes the dieter to the place that is supposed to have more information on the diet book leads to the Diet Solution. The Diet Solution is another weight loss program that has nothing to do with the Magic Guide to Lose Belly Fat. We assume this means the eBook is no longer available for download, however, it could mean the weight loss program has always been an affiliate jump to the Diet Solution.

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  • Fitness, meal suggestions and diet tips are included.
  • Supports low carbohydrate eating for weight loss.


  • The official link for the eBook does not lead to the magical guide.
  • The price of the eBook is a bit higher than most diet books.
  • There are no details on what types of foods are allowed on the plan – outside of the low carb reference.
  • No testimonials supporting weight loss claims.


Chances are the 10 pounds in 21 days is water weight, though 21 days is more than enough time to register fat loss on a low carbohydrate, high fat dieting plan. We found the official website no longer links to the eBook though it is still referenced from the site. The eBook could have been replaced with the Diet Solution.

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