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The Magnetic Diet is an eBook that sells for $39. The book claims foods have magnetism. Some attract good health and others attract bad health. The dieter should only choose the foods that are good. Good food elements with good magnetism include antioxidants and vitamins. Bad magnetism comes from foods like white flour, white rice, white sugar and processed foods. The theory behind the diet is based on every other healthy diet; the author just lists good and bad foods in magnetism categories.

List of Ingredients

A diet based on the magnetic characteristics of food.

Product Features

The title of the Magnetic Diet is a bit misconceiving. Foods are not magnetic, but they do help or hurt a dieter when trying to lose weight. We assume this is what the author is getting at when listing foods as Invigorating or Contaminating. The word choice could be a bit scary for the dieter, especially if they believe food has some sort of magnetism.

As is the case with so many eBooks, the diet is based on personal experience. The author claims to have tried every diet and none worked so he created one of his own that did. That diet is the Magnetic Diet. There is an exercise plan that requires no equipment, meditation tips and lessons on how to combine foods for improved weight loss results. Combining foods is an old trick that simply does not work.

The author also focuses more on calories than carbohydrates, fats and protein. This is a healthy, well-rounded approach to weight loss. Dieters need to learn about calorie intake and portion control to lose weight effectively for the long haul.

The major drawback of the Magnetic Diet is the push page. The eBook is sold online through various portals. The sales page reads like a marketing page packed with “do it now” statements. The dieter may be a bit overwhelmed by the influx of information, but none of the information tells the dieter anything about the plan.

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  • Instant access to the diet book via download.
  • Pushes calorie control and exercise.


  • Costs more than the average diet book.
  • The author talks about magnetism, which is confusing.
  • Combining foods is not a proven weight loss technique.
  • Based on personal experience, not clinical research.


The Magnetic Diet is not magnetic at all. It is a personal diet plan based on one man who lost weight. While the program may have worked for that dieter, there are proven weight loss plans that have worked for thousands and tens of thousands that hold more credit. Eat well, exercise often, supplement with safe weight loss ingredients and lose weight – it’s that simple.

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