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The Master Cleanse is a very peculiar diet that is being revamped by Peter Glickman, who is the author of Loose Weight, Have More Energy, and be Happier in Ten Days. It is different than almost every other diet because there is no acceptable food to eat during the diet. One may only drink a mix of Lemon Juice, Cayenne Pepper and Maple Syrup.

The vast majority of dieting is exercising intense self control of cravings for specific food or taking a substitute for your cravings. The idea behind this diet is to eliminate the craving altogether by drinking the special Lemonade. Some people drink up to 26 glasses of the Lemonade for each of the days they are on the diet. The prescribed amount to start with is 12 glasses a day. Then, you take a laxative tea for planned bowel movements to clean out your system.

The Master Cleanse starts with an “Ease In” process and ends with an “Ease Out” process. The “Ease In” process is not mandatory but helpful. One prepares physically and mentally for going without food for a small period of time. The process usually lasts no longer than three days. The diet itself can last as long as you would like it to last. The “Ease Out” process helps your system get back into the swing of things without being overwhelmed.

List of Ingredients

The only thing one needs to gather up for this diet is Lemon juice, Ceyenne Pepper, Maple Syrup and pure water. There is a laxative tea as well if one desires to take their laxative that way.

Product Features

There are no features since this is not a product but a method. You buy your own ingredients and participate in your own time. There is no company that sells this idea.

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  • This diet is claimed to completely cleans out the toxins in your system.
  • There is no long book or special recipe manual to read.
  • It is not expensive. There are no pills, shakes, smoothies, or particular foods to buy.
  • Will most likely increase energy and sense of well being once completed.


  • You cannot eat during the diet.
  • There is no guarantee that comes with the diet.
  • The lemonade mixture is unpleasant.
  • One has to create their own bowl movements by using laxatives which can be uncomfortable.
  • There is an unsubstantial amount of medical data to back up the process.
  • There is no official company that endorses the diet.


This diet is for people who are desperate for a quick fix to their destructive eating habits. It is an uncomfortable process but it is effective in cleansing the system of harmful toxins. For those looking to for a long term plan, product, or supplement, this is not the diet for you.

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  • 1
    Tracy Luison

    Could you please send me the correct amounts of all the ingredients? Water?Cayenne Pepper? Lemon? Maple syrup?


  • 2
    james hodge

    dear friend can you please check for an order for me placed on may 06,13 thanks


  • 3

    could I please have the correct ingredients of, maple syrup and lemon juice, cayiene pepper?


  • 4
    sabrina stoorms

    What are the amounts for the maple syrup, water and lemon???



    how does the lemon juice and the red pepper help the body reduce its weight


  • 5
    susan grobben

    can I do the master cleanse while I am on coumadin? I take 5mg 1 day and 10mg the next day.


  • 6
    cindy stine

    What’s the recipe?


  • 7

    What should your diet consist after 10 days of dieting


  • 8
    Oscar Brito

    feels & works Better than it looks; Is going to make you feel very good after the 10 days.


  • 9
    Donna Otstott

    will you email me the amounts of each ingredient? Maple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Cayenne, Pure Water and is the laxitive you recommend called Smooth Move Tea? Thank you for the information and… the 0 in my email address is a zero.


  • 10
    Becca Hoffman

    What is the ration mix or recipe


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