The Master Your Metabolism Calorie Counter Review

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The Master Your Metabolism Calorie Counter is a companion book by Jillian Michaels. Michaels has taken her fame on the Biggest Loser and stretched into every avenue of the weight loss industry. She has a line of supplements, protein powders, diet books, self-help books, fitness DVDs and more. Some of Michaels attempts have fallen flat, while others have gained a dedicated following in the weight loss industry. The Master Your Metabolism Calorie Counter is a flat fail. The book is poorly categorized so the dieter cannot find the information they need.

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Calorie companion for tracking food nutrition.

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Jillian Michaels is known as the personal trainer on the Biggest Loser. Throughout her years on the program, she has pushed into various avenues in the weight loss industry. Along the way she has been faced with supplement lawsuits, and backlash from fans for a terrible Wii workout game. Though some of her books are popular among fans, the calorie counter is not one of them.

Calorie counters are small, handheld companion books that make it easier to stay on track when counting calories, carbohydrate, proteins and fats. Dieters want a book that is easy to use, but that is not the Master Your Metabolism Calorie Counter. Instead of creating the book as an alphabetical listing, Michaels chose to categorize and subhead the pages, then alphabetize. In order for the dieter to find nutritional information, they have to look up the main food category, find the subcategory and then look through the list of foods. This takes more time than other books and free mobile applications used for the same purpose.

The book sells for $8 on There are other books of the same nature that sell for less and offer a simpler user interface.

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  • Calorie counters help dieters stay on track.
  • Lists more than 5,000 foods and popular restaurants.
  • Dieters love the forward / introduction on weight loss by Michaels.


  • Foods are not in alphabetic order.
  • The book is more expensive than other popular calorie counters.
  • Mobile applications are more convenient than a paperback book.
  • Not all restaurants are listed.
  • Food choices are constantly changing.


Jillian Michaels is a star fitness instructor and personal trainer, but she is not the best judge of good product design. The Master Your Metabolism Calorie Counter fails to impress the dieter because it is hard to use. Dieters cannot find the foods without searching through several sections, categories, subcategories and lists. Even then, many foods are not even included in the book. The overall consensus is that the dieter should skip this book. A mobile application or website like may be better suited for the dieter.

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