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The Mediterranean diet is not a product, pill, smoothie, or even specific plan. It is a diet organized after the eating habits of poor coastal regions of Spain, southern Italy and Greece. This concept was developed by an American doctor in the 1950′s but it did not become popular util about twenty years ago. People can handle this type of diet because it is not a starvation diet nor does it involve unusual foods.

The diet involves a lot of olive oil. In fact, olive oil is the main ingredient. The rest of the foods prescribed by the diet are cooked with olive oil. Fish, poultry, eggs, lots of greens, and legumes are some of those products. Dairy products are a big part of the Mediterranean diet as well and for dessert, you have different fruits. Wine and red meat are acceptable in low amounts. The total fat in these foods is no more than one third of the calories, and saturated fat is only eight percent or less of the total calories.

There are books out there today helping people discover this diet and follow it effectively. The Mediterranean Diet by Marissa Coutier and Eve Adamson talks all about the history, help, and medical process of the diet. The book details why this diet works and helps the reader develop acceptable recipes that fit his or her tastes.

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There are no products when it comes to the Mediterranean diet because it is simply a list of foods to eat and not eat. The book mentioned above comes with helpful medical information, recipe tips, and information on the diet.

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  • Diet at your own pace.
  • Flexibility in acceptable dishes and recipes.
  • information from medical doctors on the body and how it reacts to foods.
  • Helpful hints on how to make your own recipes that fit the plan.


  • No products to consume.
  • No official company backing the diet.
  • No before and after pictures on the website.
  • No money back guarantee on the diet.
  • strictly based on the discipline of the user with no accountability built into the program.
  • Not a particularly quick dieting process.


The Mediterranean diet is great for people looking to live a slightly healthier life and who have time to read an entire book. For those looking for rapid weight loss products the Mediterranean diet will be disappointing. The medical information in the book is quite helpful when it comes to understanding how our bodies react to fat. However, it is still up to the person dieting to discipline him or herself to live by the principles set forth in the diet. Recipe help is available but the rest is up to you and if you are not a big fan of Greek food, you might find the process a difficult time of adapting.

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  • 1

    My husband is diabetic. Would the Mediterranean diet be good for him? He is also a vegetarian.



    it would be helpful to have some menus



    My husband is diebetic and we are trying to change our way of eating without starches. please help


  • 2
    Judy Nowlin

    Can you give me alist of food to buy that is on the Mediterranean Diet. I am not wanting to lose weight just eat healthy.
    Thank you



    sometimes it is hard to know with all the foods in the stores


  • 3

    I have heard that this diet is good for rheumatoid athritis and is high in fruits, vegetables, legumes and certain oils like olive oil. So my question, is this the right Mediterranean diet that you are talking about, for me? LaVerna



    Are u a moron……..? it’s perfect for you……


  • 4
    heather wilson

    How much dose the meditrenanean diet cost?