The Metabolic Typing Diet Review

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Metabolic typing was created by William Donald Kelley. He was a dentist who believed in basing dieting selections on the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems. In 1970, Kelley was arrested for malpractice when he told someone they had lung cancer and gave them a dietary supplement for treatment. Harold Kristol and William Wolcott carried on Kelley’s ideas after he was out of the medicine field. Wolcott teamed up with Trish Fahey and wrote a book on this style of dieting called The Metabolic Typing Diet and people all over the country are learning the details of this interesting weight loss strategy.

Most people have never heard of this type of dieting nor do they understand it. That’s why, in their book, Fahey and Wolcott claim it’s all based on common sense. Metabolic typing is tailoring your diet to your body’s particular attributes. We all react differently to different foods. Even our stomach juices greatly differ from one person to another. That’s why Wolcott encourages each person to take a 65 question test that contains all kinds of different questions about your food habits, likes and dislikes. After taking the test your questions will place you in one of three categories. Those categories are the protein type, carbo type, or mixed type. After figuring out your type, you then receive information on how to eat effectively and avoid foods that cause you to gain weight. Not only does the information in this $12.00 book help you loose weight, they claim it helps you find foods that will help you feel energetic and satisfied.

List of Ingredients

It all depends on your test results.

Product Features

The product has no particular special features. It is just a method. The book contains special medical information that is broken down in to common terms. It also comes with a test of 65 questions to help you pinpoint your dieting needs. There are no shakes, smoothies, supplements, or pills of any kind.

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  • It’s a diet tailored to your own need.s
  • The diet gives you a clear understanding of how you react to food.
  • It teaches you what foods will make you tired or energetic.


  • No products to consume, it’s just a plan.
  • This diet takes a lot of discipline and provides no accountability.
  • The test is long and intensive. You may find yourself unsure of some of the answers.
  • It is not attached to a specific company that has clinically tested a product.
  • There is no money back guarantee.


The metabolic dieting method as defined in Wolcott’s book does not seem to stick out much. There are many books that propose plans similar to this one and they work based on how dedicated you are to following them. Some have found this plan successful but most people looking for a pill or product have been disappointed.

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