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The Moon Diet is a detoxification program, that claims to work based on the cycles of the moon. The program boasts that if done correctly, a person can lose up to six pounds in just one day. The fact it uses the cycles of the moon to “work” makes it sound like it can do more than it really does. Is the Moon Diet real or is it just another attempt to get it on the diet and weight loss band wagon?

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The Moon Diet, in all actuality, is nothing more than a liquid fasting diet, which will translate to lost water weight. While water weight will help you see pounds lost on the scale, it is not fat loss, which is what we all want for long term weight loss. The reason for starting the diet on a specific day of the moon cycle has to do with the gravitational pull of the earth, and on our body. The claims are the gravitational pull helps to release the toxins out of the body through the urine.

For those who want to try the Moon Diet, you start within 24 hours of a change of phase in the moon. You must have plenty of water, natural fruit juice, and natural vegetable juice on ahnd, as this will be all you are allowed to have for the next 24 hours. You are not limited to the amount of fluid you can drink in this time frame, so the diet claims you should not feel hungry during this time without solid food. The detox can be done once a week for a month to allow for up to 24 pounds of weight loss, as a jump start to another healthy diet and weight loss program. The detox should not be done for more than a month at a time as this could cause health issues. If you decide to do the Moon Diet, try eating healthier foods and exercising on the days you do eat to give it more of a boost.

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  • This detoxification program encourages healthy fluid intake.


  • The produced weight loss is not fat loss, which means it could quickly rebound.
  • Fasting for long periods of time can be dangerous.
  • The gravitational pull of the moon does not really impact weight much.
  • Little information is available on this diet.


If you use this for a week or two to help boost your motivation to continue with a more nutritionally sound program, this could be a good way to see improvement. We recommend you follow a balanced diet with regular exercise, and use a dietary supplement that contains appetite suppressants or fat burners for best results.

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