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There are different weight loss and fitness programs and products you can choose from in order to meet different goals. So, it is important to really think about what your goals are before you run out and purchase a specific supplement or fitness DVD set. Are you trying to get rid of a few extra pounds, or are you trying to pack on lean muscle mass? These are different goals, and you might be interested in doing a little of both. Well, we are going to take a closer look at The Muscle Maximizer, which is a system that sells for $47, and is primarily geared toward guys.


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Product Features

The Muscle Maximizer was created by Kyle Leon, and it essentially helps you gain lean muscle mass. This system involves a downloadable program, and requires regular workouts. However, daily diet and nutrition is a major aspect of this system as well. You will be encouraged to eat a lot of lean proteins, such as fish, poultry, and beans. Fruits and vegetables are also important, as well as whole grains for energy. The Muscle Maximizer is suitable for all guys, regardless of age, weight, and build.

There are three main areas that pertain to The Muscle Maximizer system. These are mind preparation, diet and nutrition, as well as muscle building. The combination of these three areas allows you to pack on lean muscle mass, and get rid of abdominal fat. Your metabolism should increase, and your overall health should improve. This program is supposed to be customized in order to fit each individual. Graphs and charts are used to help you track your progress.

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  • Contact information is provided on the official website.
  • There are some success stories presented on the official website.
  • The Muscle Maximizer involves regular exercise and strength training.


  • There are no convenient supplements involved with this program.
  • The Muscle Maximizer system is more for getting ripped, than it is for weight loss.
  • This system is only geared toward men.
  • There are many similar muscle building programs available online.


If you browse the web, you will encounter a number of workout and weight loss programs that are similar to The Muscle Maximizer system. Put simply, this is a program intended to help slim or scrawny guys bulk up. It is not specifically for weight loss or fat reduction. However, it may help some guys shed unwanted belly or abdominal fat. Unfortunately there are no convenient supplements involved with this fitness program. You should also note that The Muscle Maximizer system is not intended for women. In short, this type of workout system appears to be a dime a dozen at this point.

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