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The Natural Food Diet is not an official diet with a book and professional nutritionist at the helm. Instead, it is a means of eating for improved health and weight loss, if the follower is overweight. Prerna Gupta created the Natural Foods Diet website to offer tips and information on how to eating natural foods complete with daily tips and balancing life and eating plans. The website owner is a model and Internet business woman, but has no official training in exercise, fitness or nutrition.

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Natural food diet for improved health and weight loss.

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There are no listed details for the Natural Food Diet. Instead, the website author lists tips for the dieter attempting to eat naturally. There is also a list of natural foods ideal for the diet, including seasonal fruit, beans, whole grains, spices, dark chocolate and wine (on occasion.) When we think of natural foods, we think raw and unrefined. The author speaks of raw honey and all-natural sugar.

The recipe section of the website leaves much to be desired. There are two recipes listed, one for Baba Ganoush and another for Whole Grain Pancakes. These recipes were listed one year apart. There are thousands of healthy, natural foods / raw food recipes on the market, but none are listed on the website for the Natural Foods Diet.

The basis of the Natural Food Diet is simple. The dieter eats foods that are natural, unprocessed and unrefined. This is the cornerstone of many healthy diets for weight loss and improved health. It can be considered low calorie by natural of natural foods, but in excess any food will cause weight gain. The dieter needs to learn portion control to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, no matter the types of foods they wish to consume.

There is no official book or guide, but the dieter can search online for details about the Natural Food Diet. The dieter should expect nuts, seeds, whole grains, oats, green vegetables and naturally sweet fruits. Organic products are also preferred on the Natural Food Diet.

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  • Supports healthy food choices that are unrefined and unprocessed.
  • Eliminates unhealthy fast food and prepackaged meals.
  • No extra cost associated with an organized diet.


  • Few strict guidelines for weight loss on the Natural Foods Diet.
  • No official website as the diet has no known creator.
  • No handbook to follow.


The Natural Foods Diet is a way of life, not just a weight loss plan. There are no diet guidelines associated with portion control, weight loss or exercise. The diet is one of natural foods, organic selections and, sometimes, raw foods. It is simple to follow though some foods may be more expensive than the dieter expects.

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