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Homeopathic doctor Joey Shulman wrote The Natural Makeover Diet as a way to help women accentuate their natural beauty. She addresses natural beauty enhancement through following a nutritious diet, exercising on a regular basis, and learning to maintain a balance between all other aspects of their lifestyles. She maintains being unhealthy on the inside will display on the outside, in the form of trouble losing weight, premature aging, and brittle hair and nails. Instead of treating the signs of bad health on the outside, it is much better to prevent them by working from the inside.

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The Natural Makeover Diet provides a dietary program she maintains will help you permanently lose excess weight, and leave you with glowing skin and shining locks. Her diet plan is known as “Pick 3.” She uses this approach to make it easier for women to choose the healthy food that will promote fat burning and increased energy levels. She educates dieters on how to choose the right carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for every snack and meal. The diet does not promote low carb eating, but rather eating slow carbs, which are low glycemic sources so they do not spike the blood sugar. This will also help people who are at risk for becoming a diabetic. During the first five days on the program, you need to avoid grains, dairy, sugar, and red meat. Make sure you drink 8 glasses of herbal tea and/or water, eat a tablespoon of ground flaxseed, and eat more fruits and vegetables. When you’ve moved past this stage, more variety is brought back into the diet. In the book, you learn about the benefits of chocolate and red wine, you get a list of low glycemic foods, and you also get tips and tricks about how to eat out and in social situations. She also addresses the pluses and minuses of a high protein diet. She promotes working out five days a week, for half an hour every day, alternating between aerobics and yoga.

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  • This can help women bring out their natural beauty.
  • This program may help combat certain diseases and conditions such as diabetes.
  • This program does not require you to count calories.


  • This program is not built for vegans.
  • This program is targeted only at women.
  • There is not a detailed diet plan to follow after the first five days.
  • This program restricts food types and intake heavily, especially during the first five days on the program.


The Natural Makeover Diet may help you, but it will be hard to stick to because of the restriction. We recommend you exercise and follow a balanced diet, and use a proven weight loss supplement to help you lose the most weight.

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