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The Naturally Thin weight loss book was written by Bethenny Frankel, weight loss guru and self-proclaimed Skinny Girl. The author has a number of books on nutrition and workout DVDs for the woman who wants to get in shape and learn the basic of eating right for life. According to the official website for Frankel, the dieter will learn to live with food choices that are naturally healthier after reading the Naturally Thin Diet book. The four main tips passed along in the pages are learning how to notice real hunger, choosing high fiber foods, eating foods you love without gaining weight and learning how to love the taste of whole (real) foods again.

List of Ingredients

Tips and information on healthy eating for weight loss and health by Bethenny Frankel.

Product Features

The Naturally Thin book is more about education than dieting. There is a one-week start plan with recipes included in the book, but this is nowhere near enough time to learn new eating and exercise habits. Frankel attempts to teach the dieter means of getting thin naturally so life does not feel like a constant series of diets with intermittent failures in between. The information is sound and nutritionally accurate, so the dieter does not have to worry about fad diet choices and irregular eating plans.

In the recipe section, Frankel creates light, whole food meals that the dieter can enjoy. Portion sizes are controlled, so the recipes are ideal for weight loss. There is even a recipe for Frankel’s famous Skinny Margarita for the dieter who loves a drink now and then.

A review of the book by Publisher’s Weekly offers a bit of insight into the pages of the Naturally Thin Diet. According to the review, the author offers no new information on dieting, but does manage to pass along helpful dieting tips in the brass, straightforward manner for which she is known.

The book sells for less than $10 from The author does not sell the book directly from her official website.

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  • No-nonsense tips on weight loss.
  • The author is naturally thin, despite struggling with diets for more than 20 years.
  • Whole foods and natural recipes are supported.
  • The diet supports daily exercise.


  • No new information on dieting or healthy eating.
  • The author is not a trained nutritionist.


Anyone who has watched The Real Housewives of New York will likely know the Bethenny Frankel name. She is a thin woman uses her experience and a natural foods chef to pass along dieting tips and tricks. The information is delivered in a brass tone the author is known for, but that brass tone is not going to change the information offered in the book.

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