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The New Optimum Nutrition Bible is a book that is focused on helping the user live a healthy lifestyle. Benefits of what the New Optimum Nutrition Bible offers are weight loss and generally good health. The book uses a guide to the best foods for the consumer, not just a diet plan. Nutrition is important to living healthy, so the book’s aim is to provide information needed to achieve healthy habits, have improved health and have a better quality of life.

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The New Optimum Nutrition Bible is not a diet plan. Its aim is to help a person be healthy. To achieve that aim, the book starts on a very basic level: food. Weight loss can be a result of proper nutrition, and the aim of the book is proper nutrition. The text of the New Optimum Nutrition Bible is detailed, providing most of what is needed to follow the healthy lifestyle. It even has quizzes to help the reader find the right supplements to add to his diet in addition to the food guides. The book explains information to the reader, instead of just telling him what not to eat.

Optimum nutrition means eating the right foods to keep the body strong and functioning well. While most diet plans focus on cutting out foods, the New Optimum Nutrition Diet encourages adding things to one’s diet. Most likely the foods that will be cut out of the optimum nutrition lifestyle would be those foods that are harmful to the body, or not beneficial, such as refined carbohydrates and other kinds of junk food. Like in a diet, optimum nutrition requires a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. Because of the supplement quizzes, the reader can have a plan that is somewhat personalized to his needs.

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  • Focus is not on a diet or restricting foods, but on having the best health and eating the best foods to achieve that goal.
  • Can help the reader be encouraged to try new foods.


  • Not an actual weight loss plan. Some of the benefits might be weight loss, but that is not the focus of the book.
  • Results will not come quickly, as the nutrition plan needs commitment to the lifestyle to be successful.
  • Buying healthier food may be more expensive than the reader would expect, especially if the food is organic.


The New Optimum Nutrition Bible delivers the information it claims to have. The purpose of the plan is good nutrition, and the book contains the information necessary. Though it is not a short book that would be a quick guide to weight loss, it is helpful because of the focus on a healthy lifestyle. Readers looking for a quick fix to their weight struggles would do better to look elsewhere, but it seems that the New Optimum Nutrition Bible has the information and focus that many people need for a long-term solution for better health.

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