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The N.E.W. Program stands for Nutrition, Exercise and Wellness Program. The program is not really a program for weight loss, but a clinic offering weight loss surgery in Newport Beach, California. There are free seminars held often for people who want to learn more about weight loss surgery and how it works in the N.E.W. Program. There is a lot of information on the website and much of that information is just general facts on weight loss surgery. Hidden within those general articles is some detailed information about the N.E.W. Program and the available weight loss options. The N.E.W. Program offers more than just weight loss surgery – there are other options, including weight loss medications and lifestyle changes.

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  • Weight loss clinic that offers weight loss surgery and other weight loss options.

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If you click on the Comprehensive Weight Loss Options link at the top of the page, you’ll be taken to an article listing several weight loss options. These include medical weight loss, surgical weight loss, scarless surgery, lifestyle changes and adolescent programs. If you click on any of the links you’ll be taken to another page listing all of the available packages, if applicable. For instance, under the medical weight loss (no surgery) link, there are three programs for weight loss.

The staff at the N.E.W. Program clinic includes several doctors specializing in bariatric surgery and laparoscopic procedures, in addition to a registered dietician and a fitness trainer. The idea is to offer patients everything they need to succeed no matter which program they choose for weight loss. There are no prices listed on the website, but any of the programs are going to be more costly than a stay-at-home diet that is not medically backed.

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  • All of the programs available from the N.E.W. clinic are listed online.
  • Complete staff bios are available for all staff members at the clinic.


  • There is no information on the cost of bariatric surgery or other programs.
  • Services may only be available patients living in California.
  • Surgical weight loss comes with a long list of potential side effects.
  • Not all dieters are eligible for weight loss surgery.


The N.E.W. Program is both a bariatric weight loss center and a weight loss clinic. Patients can visit the clinic, schedule a consultation or learn more about available programs from the official website. The website reads more like a business site than a medical site.

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