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The New Sonoma Diet claims to change the way you eat in just 10 days. The diet is noted as a lifestyle, not an eating plan simply created for weight loss. After the first 10 days, the dieter will have more energy and an improved outlook on weight loss and health. There are no foods to avoid, but certain restrictions are placed on foods to promote weight loss. The dieter can visit the official website for the New Sonoma Diet to fill out a questionnaire for a free diet profile. Filling out the questionnaire does not give the dieter full access to the diet. They must pay a fee to gain access to the diet. There is no information on how much it costs to join the website, but the terms and conditions state products and services may be offered for a nominal fee.

List of Ingredients

Diet plan created by Dr. Connie Guttersen.

Product Features

The author of the New Sonoma Diet may be a doctor, but she is a doctor of Philosophy, so she has no dedicated training in nutrition or fitness. The New Sonoma Diet centers on 12 superfoods. These foods are almonds, beans, bell peppers, blueberries, broccoli, citrus, grapes, olive oil, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes and whole grains. There are recipes on the official website, but the details of the New Sonoma Diet are saved for the dieter who purchases the official book. The diet supports eating the right types of foods in correct portion sizes. This is the basis of most healthy, weight loss diets.

The diet is presented in Waves. Wave 1 lasts the first 10 days. This portion of the New Sonoma Diet can be considered the jumpstart. After Wave 1 is complete, the dieter moves into the ongoing weight loss phase known as Wave 2. According to the sample menu, there are very few starches or carbohydrates on the diet, though it cannot be qualified as a low carbohydrate plan. Dieters eat eggs, whole wheat toast, quinoa and red meat. The program is not created for vegetarians. While foods are not restricted, portion control is the cornerstone of weight loss.

The New Sonoma Diet book sells for $12 on and other online bookstores. The book is not sold from the official website.

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  • Healthy, whole foods are used in recipes.
  • Portion control helps the dieter lose weight.


  • Not ideal for the vegetarian or vegan.
  • Quinoa may be difficult to find in the average grocery store.
  • Some ingredients may be more expensive.


Losing weight is not always about restricting foods. According to the New Sonoma Diet, the dieter can eat the foods they love while maintaining healthy portions and lose weight. The official website offers recipes, power food list and a message board to dieters who sign up for the free diet profile.

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