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The Nia company was founded in 1983. The Nia Technique is an exercise program that uses three different types of movement to help one get in shape. Those participating in Nia can attend classes or work out at home using some of the Nia materials available. The focus of Nia is not just weight loss, but general health. Participants report feeling better after starting the Nia Technique.

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The Nia Technique features a five-level belt system of white, green, blue, brown, and black belts. Nia combines several different techniques within the overall program. The three divisions are dance, martial arts, and relaxation techniques. The nine parts of the program are tae kwon do, aikido, tai chi, jazz, Duncan dance, modern dance, Alexander technique, yoga, and the Moshe Feldenkrais teachings. The emphasis on dance is something that participants enjoy about the Nia program. Another positive aspect of Nia is that they allow participants to go at a comfortable pace, though the moves are challenging.

Also available from Nia are workout DVDs, workout CDs, and clothing that is made by Nia and appropriate for the workouts. Nia instructors have to be licensed to teach the Nia Technique in a class, and the process of licensing seems to be multi-level past the belt system.

The Nia Technique is not strictly a weight loss program. It is, however, a workout program, and provided that a Nia student eats healthy and commits to having a healthy lifestyle, they will lose weight. The encouragement to move at one’s own pace, however, may allow some participants to work at a level that may not be challenging enough for their needs. The classroom setting of Nia might not be convenient for those who wish to participate in Nia, and the workout DVDs may not provide the benefits of a class setting and the belt system.

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  • Helps participants to stay healthy by focusing on being in shape.
  • Offers DVDs for the convenience of those who cannot get to a class.


  • DVDs might not provide the same benefits that the classes offer.
  • Relaxed pace might not be a benefit to those who do not push themselves to work harder.
  • Following the program through the belt system requires a commitment of time and money.
  • Classes may be hard to find.


The Nia Technique is not a guaranteed weight loss program. Its focus is on having a healthy body through exercise. Nia is unique in the combination of dancing, relaxation, and martial arts, and participants are happy with how they have found self-improvement through the Nia Technique. Those expecting Nia to require little commitment might find themselves surprised. To excel in Nia, the participant needs commitment, but the focus on health is a benefit. The Nia Technique is best for those who want a structured program that can help them stay healthy and mark their progress.

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