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Dieters often complain about craving foods when following a reduced calorie diet. Food cravings are typically associated with blood glucose levels. When the body digests food, glucose rises to help with energy production. After digestion is complete, glucose drops to normal levels, but sometimes that drop is too fast causing cravings. The No Crave Diet breaks the mold, claiming dieters should eat three meals a day – not six smaller meals – and avoid snacks to control hunger. This suggestion goes against the majority of research and expert advice on dieting and weight loss.

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Diet to control cravings by eating three meals a day.

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While most popular diets are different in some way, they all generally advise dieters to eat frequent small meals to help control blood glucose levels and suppress cravings. Food cravings are a signal from the brain to increase energy supplies. Sometimes the cravings are associated with a real need for food, but other times the body is giving a false signal because blood glucose levels have dropped. The No Crave Diet claims those cravings are associated with eating too often.

The website for the No Crave Diet claims small, frequent meals were popularized in the 1990s. These diets were generally advised for people with diabetes to help control blood glucose. The authors claim there is new research that changes the dieting game, supporting three meals a day instead of five to six smaller meals, but there are no research links supporting this claim.

The book is written by two doctors – Dr. Stephen Reed and Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed. Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed also has a line of protein-based baked products called Penny Protein. If the dieter is not supposed to snack throughout the day, why would they need high-protein baked goods like cookies and muffins?

The No Crave Diet book sells for less than $3 on The book has very few reviews.

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  • Supports eating high protein, low sugar for weight loss.
  • The book sells for less than other diet books.


  • The authors make claims based on new research, but do not back the claims with that research.
  • Claims to permanently cure cravings.


Dieters fighting food cravings may be fooled into believing the No Crave Diet is the answer to eating right and getting thin. The authors are doctors, but they do not bother to back the claims of three meals a day over five to six small meals with research. Dieters may find they are extremely hungry between meals without access to small snacks. Eating three full meals a day may be impossible for some professionals that work long hours. The diet is based on low carbohydrate meals, so the dieter will be giving up potatoes, breads and other starches.

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