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The No Diet Diet is more a lifestyle change than a real diet. While most diets cut foods and groups of foods out of a person’s normal diet, the No Diet Diet lets someone eat a regular healthy diet. It is not a quick fix that promises large amounts of weight loss in a week, but eating healthy is effective, and this No Diet plan follows that concept.

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The No Diet Diet stresses healthy eating to lose weight. The best way of losing weight is to eat foods in moderation instead of drastically altering one’s diet. Rather than cut foods out, it stresses eating the right kinds of foods. The point of the No Diet Diet is to change the way one eats and lives, not just to lose weight, though weight loss is a benefit of the No Diet Diet. Some who have followed the advice in the plan have expressed that they are glad not to be frustrated over ineffective and restrictive diets that do not keep the weight off. This diet is one that is supposed to help followers learn the right way to eat.

There are some who say that the No Diet Diet means that one can eat whatever food one wants to eat, with no consequences. That is not true, however, and the diet is supposed to teach one to eat with total health in mind. The diet label can lead to someone thinking that the results will be quick and dramatic, but the best results are gradual ones that will be more likely to stay, and the No Diet Diet seems to deliver on that.

The focus on nutrition and eating right has benefits beyond weight loss, like better health. A better diet with more nutrition could help someone avoid small issues like colds and minor illnesses, as well as warding off more serious problems, because the immune system would be boosted.

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  • Not a restrictive diet that cuts out necessary food in order to get quick results.
  • Focuses on healthy eating.


  • The diet name, as mentioned before, can be misleading for some who expect a quick fix.
  • Results on this diet take commitment and learning more about the foods that someone will be eating.
  • Eating healthier foods may be expensive, because more natural foods often cost more.


The No Diet Diet seems to be a solid plan for eating right. The focus of the diet on eating right and enjoying favorite foods in moderation should be helpful for those who have not been fortunate with other diets before. The healthy food instruction in the plan is a good way to help someone learn about eating right and living a healthy life instead of relying on quick fixes to lose weight.

13 User Reviews About The No Diet Diet

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  • 1
    April D

    I used it a few years ago and it worked for me. Taste not horrible. I did lose inches could tell in my clothes. I have gained some weight back and have not taken it for a few years now. Think I will try it again.


  • 2
    Susan Deaver

    I ordered this 4wk ago and paid with credit card. I still haven’t received t this product. I would like a refund. Thank you, Susan, please ask for me.


  • 3

    Disgusting taste, awful full body rash…..just terrible customer service!!! DO NOT WANT YOUR MONEY….READ REVIEWS!


  • 4

    Question – Does anyone know if this is a money back guarantee? I have started this and am wondering. I do not believe I saw that listed anywhere before buying. Just wondering. It’s interesting how some claim it works and others do not. One more question. Does anyone take medication at night and if so, have you switch to morning since it says not to take meds at night with the protien?


  • 5

    Well I was going to buy this until I seen your comment thanks for the honesty


  • 6

    I tried no diet for a month, no results at all. the taste is awful. my efriend and her husband also have been trying it for a month. no results with them also. I followed the rules. waste of money


    Your Name

    Absolute waste of MONEY….and I broke out in a full body rash after ONLY 2 DOSES!!!!! IT’S A RACKET!!!


  • 7

    My mother inlaw takes the no diet and it has worked great for her. I am going to be trying it 🙂


  • 8

    I started taking the No Diet December 15th and today when I measured January 8th I had lost a total of 13″. I eat a very modest diet and I don’t eat anything after 7:00PM.


  • 9

    My husband and I just finished three bottles of this No Diet diet and neither one of us lost any weight or inches!! How disappointing.


  • 10

    The ads say no changes in diet just drink the product at bedtime. This is my 5th week. I have lost no weight or inches. I invested in 3 bottles. I have to say for me it does not work.


  • 11

    can u take this prodict if u have a conditon of strokes before???


  • 12
    Linda Livesay

    I would like to see the testimonials on The NO Diet diet.


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