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After the invasion of Dr. Robert Atkins into the world of low carbohydrate dieting, other authors jumped on the bandwagon creating low carbohydrate weight loss diets based on the same general principles with a twist here and there. One of the bigger names in low carbohydrate dieting is Dr. Joseph Mercola. Unlike Atkins, Mercola takes a more direct approach at eliminating carbohydrates and grains in the No Grain Diet. He lists grains and carbohydrates as “public enemy number one.” The main question most dieters have about a weight loss plan is, “Will I lose weight?” The No Grain Diet will help the dieter lose weight, but so will the vast majority of low carbohydrate plans, if the dieter can give up carbohydrates for life.

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Low carbohydrate diet with a focus on Emotional Freedom Technique.

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There are literally hundreds of diets based on a low carbohydrate eating plan. The human body uses carbohydrates as the primary source of fuel. Fats are stored for future use should there be a sudden outbreak of starvation. This is the way the human body evolved when the world was a series of feasts and famines. Today, the famine portion of human life is not the same as it was a thousand years ago, so the fat stores are no longer needed because famine does not exist.

Mercola takes a strict, regulated approach to weight loss. He supports cutting out all grains and sugars for life, unlike the Atkins plan where dieters can add back in certain high carbohydrate foods after the Induction phase and On-Going Weight Loss phase. Mercola uses daily affirmations to help the dieter stick with the No Grain Diet. He supports regular affirmative statements to convince the mind that weight loss and no carbohydrate eating is more important than indulging in pizza every now and then.

The major flaw with the No Grain Diet is the complicated manner in which the author explains low carbohydrate eating. There are so many rules; the dieter may get bogged down with approved foods, forbidden foods and daily affirmations.

The No Grain Diet book sells on for less than $5.

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  • Dr. Mercola offers low carbohydrate diet solutions for weight loss.
  • The plan is detailed with strict rules for weight loss.
  • The book costs less than many other diet plans.


  • May be too complicated for some dieters.
  • Grains and carbohydrates are not reintroduced.


If the low carbohydrate dieter is looking for a book to support living without carbohydrates for life, the No Grain Diet could be that solution. The dieter will follow a strict plan with a long list of rules and daily affirmations to maintain weight loss and improved health. No exercise plan is discussed.

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