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There are thousands of diet books and weight loss plans to choose from, but many contains such strict guidelines that a dieter soon grows bored or extremely hungry and falls off the plan. A new rash of diet books is gaining in popularity. These books allow the dieter to take a day or two off from the strict rules in order to gain perspective and reduce the feeling of restriction. The No S Diet is one of these diets. According to the diet moniker, the dieter gets no snacks, no sweets and no seconds except on days that start with “S.” The plan seems more like a fad diet than a proven weight loss plan and the official website is little more than a generic page with brief paragraphs on the main points of the No S Diet.

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Diet based on the letter “S.”

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The author of the No S Diet claims everything the dieter needs to know about the diet can be found on the cover of the book. The cover states, “No Snacks, No Sweets, No Seconds. Except on days that start with S.” Basically, the dieter eats the foods they love on Monday to Friday, as long as they eliminate snacks, sweets and second helpings. On Saturday and Sunday, the dieter can indulge in these three vices.

The official website for the diet claims the “skinny” diet book can be read in a day, but the book is 208 pages long. Readers claim the information reads more like a research report than a diet book. The book is written by a software engineer, which could accountant for the research-like feel. While the diet is not immensely popular, like the Atkins Diet or Mediterranean Diet, it does have a following online. The dieter does not have to buy the book to follow the diet. Instead, they can simply read the cover. The book does include testimonials, which many dieters find motivational. The diet should be followed for life.

The No S Diet book sells for $11 on

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  • Simple eating plan resulting in weight loss.
  • The dieter can eat foods they love and snack on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Testimonials help keep dieters on track.


  • No strict rules for eating.
  • No restricted foods.


The No S Diet is simple – no sweets, no snacks and no seconds from Monday to Friday. On the weekends, dieters get a bit of freedom to enjoy the foods they missed during the week. Without a doubt, the book likely talks a bit about portion control on the weekends to maintain weight loss. The lack of strict rules could lead the dieter to overeat during the three meals a day.

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